Working Bag lady?

  1. I am new to posting to this site, but I've been question, how many bags do you find yourself carrying to work? I can't find a solution to the work tote, the lunch bag and the not big enough, but I love it, soho stiched bag in black. If I use a big work tote for the 3 ring binder, my lunch gets squashed, if I use a smaller tote, I drag three bags into the office and I look like I am moving in. Looking for ideas and suggestions. Pictures would be awesome too.

    Love my Coach!
  2. Hi, katybug! Welcome to tPF!

    I, too, have a lot of things I need to carry everyday to the office and so I carry two bags. My purse, which is usually a smaller bag that holds my wallet, cosmetics, Treo phone, keys, etc. I also carry a work tote that I use for files, my bill folder, snacks, a medium cosmetic case that holds my personal items, and sometimes a pair of shoes. Right now, I am carrying my Legacy Bridgit and '06 Legacy Leather Satchel.

    My biggest problem is that I am very petite (5'1") and so huge bags look ridiculous on me. I'd love to carry a bigger work tote, like maybe a large Ergo or something, but it looks really bad. I really need the extra size for what I carry but I don't want to look strange or, like you said, like I'm moving in!
  3. I have a work tote which holds wallet, cell, water bottle, etc. And then I usually have a wristlet or two inside so I can just run a quick errand at lunch without bringing the whole big tote with me.

    this is the Coach Gigi tote which I just love:

    ...and a wristlet example (I have a similar one to this):

    As far as the lunch bag & your comment on it getting squished, can you put your lunch in a hard case such as Tupperware?

    BTW, welcome!!
  4. ...oops my pics are not posting...trying again, LOL:



    And Gigi tote:

  5. I carry either my large Carly or Gigi tote to work, and a separate lunch bag. I can't fit everything into one bag! I'm 5'4" so if I get any bigger of a bag, it will look like I'm being eaten by it LOL.
  6. I carry either my med ergo or carly to work.
  7. med carly and i just put my lunch in a plastic bag usually
  8. Thank you all for the great info, I guess I just have to give in and deal with less stuff or one bigger bag, like my Chelsea or a duffle. My main issue is the drop length of the straps and the bulky winter wear need to survive this season. Really prefer a should bag and lately Coach hasn't been doing a lot f totes with a longer drop.
  9. Will a multifunction tote work for you?? I just bought the heritage stripe one and it has a lower drop than most of the totes I have carried from Coach... I am not sure a binder will fit in there, but possibly on it's side.. anyway it's really big and can be worn 3 ways.. and has tons of pockets on the inside and some on the outside.. If i had stuff to lug to work I would be bringing this bag... can you tell I like it, :p

    if heritage isn't doing it for you, they are supposed to be making new hamptons weekend multifunction totes that have all the same specs, in April.
    IMG_0656.JPG IMG_0560.JPG IMG_0549.JPG IMG_0552.JPG IMG_0553.JPG
  10. I use whatever purse I'm carrying that week - it's typically on my arm - and the laptop in a boring old laptop bag b/c I can't bring myself to break out my Coach briefcase for everyday - and I carry my lunch in a small tattersall print shopping bag - I do tend to look like I'm moving in, but (I hope) the different sizes of bags breaks it up a little bit :smile: