Working at home on computer?

  1. I can only work 10 hours a week because 1, it's all my school schedule allows, and 2. the place I work at isn't open after 4:00, so it's tough when I get out late every day except the two days I work. My other job options don't pay as well, and I'd still not work too many more hours anyway. I like where I work, though.

    I was thinking of working on the computer at home. I just want to know what I can look for to make sure I'm not getting scammed-- supposedly you can?
    I don't know anyone who does this, so I don't know who to ask about specific companies.

    Just, how do you know? Or is there a well known company I could see about?

    I feel weird asking this in here, but general discussion... It would make my life easier to do this on top my current job, haha.
  2. I am not quite certain what you are looking to go into for but I have been pestered by an Amway member to join her pyramid scheme and order things from the computer. I suppose you can't be conned by Amway (actually I am bamboozled by Amway business and the extremist belief of their members that their business model will revolutionise the concept of capitalism just like John Maynard Keynes did with his book and in my ignorance I completely disapprove of it)

    Or you can start up a trading account with an internet stock broker; contrary to popular belief, you don't have to stare at it all day.
  3. Oops, I mean things like data entry.

    The other idea is good but I'm not sure if I understand how that all works. But yeah things like data entry. It would be a great way to make extra money when I'm off school at odd hours and things like that.
  4. OK sorry as usual I bark up the wrong tree. No clue but may be some other lady can help you out :smile:
  5. Hmmmm... so interested in what advises the ladies can give you...
    ...and probably me too...
    An extra income for me, to fund my addiction...:shame:
  6. I can't give any advice but hopefully someone will... I just lost my cushy job and taking 6 classes doesn't really allow too much time for regular jobs. :sad:
  7. Maybe you can try being an at home sales rep (like Mary Kay consultant) and host online parties. Or try craigslist, just be careful because many of them are scams.