Working at H&M. [Looking for insider experiences or tips.]

  1. hi, i have followed ur link and also tried lovesysl's suggestion but i still cannot find a place to upload my resume. i had uploaded my resumes before, but recently they have changes their application system and i had to make a whole new account. with this new account, i was only able to enter information about my name, my address and if i had worked at h and m before. please help :smile:
  2. i would do a walk in, ask for the application form and fill it somewhere else and come back and hand it to the store manager...usually the manager will talk to you briefly and start from there. this way is much faster and effective.
  3. ^^ plus all the other folks who asked the same qiestion, maybe just go to a store and give it in person if you can't find it? i saw a link to upload a resume.
  4. hello. thanks for the input guys. i did manage to upload my resume in the end so i came bak incase any1 else haf the same question. u WILL be able to upload ur resume once you've clicked apply to one of their jobs. one you click apply, you will be directed to a whole questionaire, where u can also upload ur resume. finally, i wanted to add that i decided to go into H&M to introduce myself as many had suggested. i dunno if its different in different stores, but they would not accpet my resume because the stores themselves do not do the hiring. the hiring is done by a totally different department somewhere else. so i think going in and trying to make a good impression will virtually have no impact on whether or not you recieve an interview as the people ur making an impression on are not the ones giving out the interviews.
  5. Hello, I applied for a job at H & M, passed the interview, they call me again and invited me to a workshop. Does anyone know what this is about?Thanks.
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    Hi...Im curently going to start working at H&M if everything goes well my cuzin knows the manager but i had a few questions!!!! Before i start working there this is my first job n im really nervous and i dont want to screw it up cuz im kind of a shy person but i love the store!! I need help lol it would be really appreciated :smile:
  8. This thread is sort of old but I could help a bit with some of your question . I was a manager at H&M five years ago, the one in herald square.

    Once you get and fill out the application I suggest you walk in with it. Depending on what time the store opens I would say go one hour after that and don't go on a Monday. The reason is on mondays managers are usually reading up on last week's business and planning for this week. There is too much going on. An hour after opening because most if not all opening procedures will be done by then like running garments. Also the store will be slow before the afternoon lunch rush.

    For H&M or similar companies I would just dress fashionably no need to wear office wear or suits unless that is your style. You want to be yourself and not sound like you're reading script. Just bring a smile and energy, keep eye contact and be relaxed. Ask the manager you're talking to if they're the ones in charge of hiring. Some applicants think they're talking to a manager but it could be a key holder or supervisor none of which do the hiring. Also if they say they'll review it and get back to you or will call for an interviews ask how you should follow up. There is nothing more annoying than getting calls every 3 days from over zealous applicants when you have a million things going on. Alternatively since there is so much going on things fall in the cracks. The best way around this to find out from the manager when and how you should follow up if you don't hear from them by the time given.

    If you're set up for a group interview you do not want to be shy or reserved. You also don't want to take over the group and be over bearing. Volunteer to answer questions first once in a while and show your personality. Do your research on the company. Not necessarily the company history from start to finish but what ad campaigns you like past and present, where they're opening new stores and pepper in some info on who started it but not too much. This shows your GENUINE interest in the company and not that you spent the night before cramming.

    Companies like H&M, Urban, Top shop etc its about the brand culture and productivity. Productivity is black and white once you're hired do your job efficiently, show interest, be personable and get to know your managers and co-workers. For brand culture look and act the part if this is a stretch for you learn to fake it or find a brand that is more your aesthetic.