Workhorse - pl advise

  1. I have started to work out of an office again for 3 days a week and find myself shlepping my laptop incl cables, some paperwork plus the normal gadgets a lady carries....

    I am now *convinced* I need a Birkin/HAC. Birkin either 35 or better 40 (I am 5'11" so I can pull that off and I am really STRONG), HAC 36 (I am still in love with the HAC 32 but she will have to wait).

    So far so good. I know I will get the bag I want, in time. Aiming at spring 2007. No problems there.

    The only thing that I am worried about is that I will ruin the bag if I put pounds and pounds of stuff in it. I am worried that I will stretch the handles, stretch the body of the bag.

    Hence my question: which leathers would you recommend for a workhorse bag? I somehow shy away from the idea of Chevre for instance because I would think it's too dainty. I am most worried about the stretched handles. What do you recommend and also, do you think that a Birkin shouldn't be used as a real workhorse?
  2. Hi there,
    i carry the same stuff:laptop,papers,big agenda, 2 phones...
    my 35birkin seems a bit overloaded, but HAC 36 with togo leather just perfect.
    my SA said it is the stongest leather and shouldnt be any problem with it!!!
    i can highly recommend HAC 36!!!!!
    (and you are much taller them me:yes:
  3. Thank you MM!!!!! Tell me: Is there any problem grabbing both the handles of the HAC 36 when it is full (since the handles are shorter)?
  4. Hello, a 35cm Birkin also holds a standard laptop. Not so sure about the bigger notebooks, but my laptop fits just fine. Togo is what I recommend as well because it can handle the abuse. Grabbing the handles hasn't been a problem, but it is heavy and I, too, am strong.
  5. Hello,
    the handles are absolutely fine even if the bag is completly full!!!!
    and due to the height of the bag you can fit everything well organised in, the zip compartment is big enough even for the dogon wallet, open pocket for keys,phones....
    the only downside is the weight...but at least we can wear by next summer sexy tanktops and looks well- trained:yes:
  6. Thanks HG! The reason why I am also considering a 40 is that I am also thinking of weekend travel and how I would love to have one bag to 'throw it all in' (now with the new airtravel rules about bringing liquids on board in Europe, my vanity case will be minimal and in a ziplock).

    What about Clemence, Box, Fjord, Swift? (Just thinking of possibilities offered to me instead of Togo). I think I'd decline Epsom.
  7. Clemence and Fjord would handle the weight and scratches better. Swift is too soft and Box would scratch like the dickens. At least, these are just my opinions.
  8. Fjord will make the bag so mch heavier, though. I'd stick with Togo.
    Also, have you thought of using a Whitebus tote? I know it's not a Birkin but this bag is made to be more like a work tote....then you could get another Birkin to use as a purse?
  9. I love my 40 cm Birkin (buffalo), but it is totally floppy. Togo will become totally floppy as it ages, so you need to like this look. Any leather will sag more in a 40 cm over time.

    I find that a 40 cm holds a LOT more than a 35 cm and is great for travel.
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  10. Fjord is a very strong leather. If that is offered, it would be a very good choice.
  11. I would choose Fjord over Togo if you need a workhorse bag. Fjord is very tough and I haven't had an issues w/stretching, and I stuff that thing when i go on a plane. Granted, like GT mentioned it is a bit heavier than Togo, but if you can swing it, it will be highly tolerant of abuse, and seems to keep its shape better than Togo or Clemence.
  12. I second Orchids;)
  13. I would also suggest to consider Whitebus, I saw one in togo over the weekend in Houston, and it really looked like a great work bag. If I wasn't so enthralled by the Kelly I would have consider it.
  14. Hello, Hello, I would actually recomend FJORD! it is amazing! very durable...
    the swift is soft like butter, box would show wear alot... if you don't mind...I love box...scratches or no, but I personally find clemence VERY soft....maybe it's just my bags... but they are the "squishiest " of the kind... Togo I find firmer. I would be worried that the clemence would end up with "smooth" spots, (as my kelly after just a few wearings did), and I did not have a computer in it! I would choose Fjord as #1 choice and then Box, then Togo.:flowers:
  15. Hello, I'd recommande Fjord (if weight isn't a issue for you) as well, it's very durable yet holds its shape better than Togo and Clemence..I agreed with Avan too that I find Clemence to be the squishiest of all..especially in 40 birkin... I'd like box and swift birkins in size 30, 35, 40 to me just don't look right..maybe not so much as a workshoe bag either...

    One thing I'd like to remind you is that because 40 birkin is quite a large tote, epecially you carry them in the arm or hold them by hand (you can also carry them on the shoulder if you're thin enough :P I certainly can't:lol::lol:, but my sis can carry it on her shoulders..) you tend to scratch the corners more..than 35 and 30cm maybe 36 HAC is more ideal, because it's taller ?? Just my opinions..:flowers: HTH