Workhorse/doc etc 37 cm Bolide - thank you HKLOOSTERMAN

  1. I'm finally making my mind up. Sorry for all the queries!

    Decided to go for an all purpose bag, for work and general shlepping. Will need to take A4s and a lot of other gear.
    Settling on the 37 cm Bolide in Taurillon Black.
    Hkloosterman was sweet enough to see if docs fit in there yesterday, and they did! Thank you.
    Any one have any experience of using this as a day to day work bag? Does it stand up to serious use...
  2. I use a bolide as my regular purse/bag and love it love it love it! I think you will be happy...
  3. Fantastic bag in a real workhorse leather too! Great choice!!!!!
  4. Good for you! Shoes always raves about her bolides, so they must be great!!!
  5. What a great choice!
    What kind of hardware?
    Can you pick it up in the boutique or do you have to order it!
  6. Sounds great. Can't wait to see your pictures.
  7. They are posting it out to me.

    I didn't even ask about hardware!!
    Better ask...
  8. That is fantastic !!! I'm so excited for you!!!! you will LOVE the Bolide.:wlae: It is durable, versatile, can be zippered up, dress up or down, shoulder or handbag.... and the leather inside is SOOOOO soft, each time I open my bag.... it feels soooo luxurious.....

    Do you have any pictures yet? made up your mind about hardware?
  9. yay! Is it the softer bolide? not the rigid one? How wonderful! Congrats!! :party: Please post pictures when it gets here!!