Worked Hard!

  1. Hi! I have worked so hard this month and as it is pay day I have just awarded myself with a Speedy 25! :yahoo: Yipee! Just ordered it, can't wait for it to arrive! Just thought I would share my joy as no one in my office would understand! (hehehe!)

    Anyone else with any pay-day pay-outs?!!
  2. woo congrats!!!!!!!!!! the next few days will seem like the longest wait before it arrives. Its gonna look stunning :smile:

    i know that feeling, nobody in my office understands me!
  3. congrats. im going shopping at the weekend for a pay day/birthday splurge. need some vernis
  4. Congrates! Which speedy??? Of course we deserve to pamper ourselves for working so damn hard!
  5. You deserve it :yahoo:
  6. Mono, would you believe this is my first LV piece! I have been wearing my teal bbag to death (def worth all the money!) So i thought I would go for something different! I love the speedy 25, so cute, perfect for me! :yes:
  7. first LV is always sweet!! :yahoo:congrats and do post pix when you get it!!
  8. congrats! I am sure that you will love the Mono Speedy. I got mine a couple of weeks ago and just love her to death!
  9. Enjoy!
  10. :yahoo: CONGRATS!!! Please post pics when she arrives.:love:
  11. Thanks every one! Your guys are soo sweet! I must go now and earn some more money for next months purchase!
  12. Hooray for you, of course you should reward yourself for your hard work!
    You can always share the joy here!
  13. Enjoy and continue to take care of yourself!
  14. wooohoooo!!! congrats!!! Yay first piece is always the best! And wlecome to tPF!!! xx
  15. yay, congrats!!