Work - yes or no?

  1. Ok, ladies! I know this topic has been discussed many times before. I love my city bags, but do not consider them BIG bags. They are perfect, every day, hold my stuff bags. I have been thinking it would be nice to have something w/a little more room when the family and I go on an outing (think about it, if I fill it w/water bottles and candy from home when we do to the movies, that savings ALONE would pay for the bag! :roflmfao: ). I am 5' 2" and of average build. I have looked at all the pics.

    How do you owners of city bags and work bags feel about your works?
  2. I love my work bag! I actually own the part time too (a little similar to the city). I prefer my Work because it's much bigger and just more convinient for me.

    Work and Part time:
  3. I've heard the work's dimensions are the same as the part-time but taller and no strap!
    I own two works and I love them!!!
  4. Do you ladies use your work for every day use like a handbag or more like a tote bag? Thanks for helping!
  5. Does anyone have a picture showing the Work compared to the Weekender? I just am curious to see how much bigger the Weekender is?

    Thank you!
  6. The Work is a great bag for holding loads yet still being stylish & light to carry.
  7. Yeah, they are only a couple of inches apart (height and width) but I don't know, when I look at them the Work looks MUCH bigger than my Part Time. But I guess it's the trick of the eye, just like the Balenciagas with GH look bigger than the styles with the classic hardware.:rolleyes:
  8. Sorry I don't have a pic of the weekender. I used to own one but it is ridiculously big! A guy can pass off the work bag. :shame: I personally love the work over the weekender.

    FYI I'm a boy too! lol :sweatdrop:
  9. I have 2 work style bags and definitely use them more than my first or city bags. I have 3 kids and the extra space is nice.
  10. Can you carry Work bag as a shoulder bag? If so- yes!!
  11. I agree. Having feet on the bottom of the bag is also a BIG bonus!
  12. I forgot about the feet! That is a bonus! You know how dirty movie theater floors can be! :roflmfao: The shoulder part doesn't concern me because I am not a shoulder bag person. I prefer handheld, even w/kids. Thanks all!
  13. yes yes yes :smile:

    the work rocks!!!
  14. I :heart: my Work!!

    Love that it's big enough to carry my life around plus a change of clothes, or fashion magazines when required, and still looks SO damned hot with any outfit I put together, whether dressed up or down. :love:
  15. I love my work too - I only wish it had longer handles or a strap! Fits tons! I don't carry all of this EVERY day, but it can hold it all! :rolleyes: I love your part time!!!!
    inside work tPF.jpg outside work tPF.jpg