Work: yes or no?

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  1. Stay at home (no kids)

  2. Stay at home (kids)

  3. Work (Full time)

  4. Work (part time)

  5. School

  6. there any other options?

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  1. So I am trying to make a poll. How many of you ladies work to support "the habit" :lol:?

    I studied psychology for 3 years and then stopped school and got a sales job. When I started making bank I never went back to school. Fast forward and I got married at 22 and stopped working :biggrin:! (my best friend of 16 years says she will get even with me one of these days) LOL!!!
    Well my DH is 7 years older than (which is nothing in my culture) so he said he wants me to enjoy life and not say that I lost my youth because I got married young and had kids. (Look in the 3 questions thread for the "hard times" that I got no bags, no shoes, no nothing but changed me for the better :biggrin:. Through the tough times I was sick and could not work and he took what ever job came up to take care of us) So we held off on kids and I have not worked for almost 4 years now :amazed: (wow as I am writting this I am like WOW that is a long time).
    Anyways I am just happy that DH supports my "habits", and my love for the finer things in life. He just wants me to always be at my best. (As long as my upper lip, pits, brows, and legs are not hairy he says I am at 100% what a sweety I think he needs glasses [​IMG] )

    So anyways I am just wondering who works and how does not...
  2. I'm a student, I don't work to support my habits... I have a generous father and I generally have generous boyfriends. ;)
  3. School here as well :biggrin: Hopefully when I get out into the real world my job can match my current standard of living :lol:
  4. I am a student and work part time because I like having the extra spending money. I feel lucky b/c I don't pay for school/living expenses etc, but kinda think that maybe I would be more serious about my studies if I did pay for school...
  5. I'm a full-time lawyer (I work for a big company) and I do it to support "the habit", myself, my cat, the house, pay the bills and try to save a tiny bit every month (not very easy when "the habit" comes in between!!! LOL :nuts: )
  6. I continue to be a slave to the physical therapy world. Good part-you meet everone from all walks of life,it makes for an interesting day.
    Bad part-lots of documentation, evil insurance companies, and exhausting complaints, that usually come from the patients with the minor injuries, not the major ones.
    It is definitely a stable job, though.
  7. I am the one who voted "other." Worked full time for 26 years -- first as a teacher, then at Xerox as a marketing manager -- but am now retired. (still work "part time" if you count the occasional portrait commission.
  8. I work full time but live at home so I can afford to buy bags. I say get a part time job to keep yourself busy and have your own spending money (not that there is anything wrong with having a husband that supports you) and if you enjoy working you can always go full time.
  9. i'm a student and i work part-time for the extra spending money. my parents pay all school-related expenses, including rent and car payments.
  10. i have to work to pay the bills and support my habit...
  11. I work full time as an engineering/IT consultant and it pays for my fashion addiction bills :biggrin:
  12. Everything I buy, I pay for. I work.
  13. I'm a student and work part time to pay for phone bills, art materials and the "habit ". I'm lucky that my parents provide me money for food, rent and education. Unfortunately they keep reminding me that this will only last till I graduate...
  14. I am a stutent.
  15. I keep myself busy with doing volunteer work and I am pretty active in my local community. I don't see it as his money or my money and neither does he so what he makes we both use on things we need/love.
    Like I said I married young and my husband has really been a blessing and a wonderful partner. I love being home and cooking dinner, and taking care of the home, and being able to volunteer.
    If I ever had to work I would - but I on the money issue there is no his and hers :biggrin:.