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  1. I'm in love (again!). Ordered this beauty - Balenciaga Work 2007 Agneau - through Fashionphile and I am beyond amazed at the quality of this! I was expecting that this bag would need some Edge Koting done or something but it arrived in almost super near perfect condition! LOVE! I had a 2007 black RH city but sold it to get a 2010 black RGGH city a few years ago and I thought my love for Bbags had gone away...but it has now been rekindled! I am already thinking of what my next bbag should be

    Well, here she is in all her soft and smooshy leather! image.jpeg
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  2. Such a beauty :heart:
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  3. So pretty! Congrats :smile:
  4. WOW,,,,she looks really really amazing! I can feel the softness just looking at pic! Congrats on getting an 07 in such wonderful condition! :flowers:
  5. So pretty ...just out of curiosity did they rate the bag as "very good" or "good" ? Do you consider their rating as pretty accurate? There is also a Bal bag i am looking at on Fashionphile and it is rated "good" and i haven't jump the gun yet.
  6. What an amazing find!!! Congratz!
  7. Gorgeous! Congrats!
  8. So sorry for the late reply! My notifications weren't turned on so I didn't see any messages.

    Anyhoo, here is the link. They rated it very good. They have a great return policy so at least you can rest knowing that it can be returned if the condition isn't what you expected. I would re-purchase from the site in a heartbeat. Good luck!
  9. Late reply, but just wanted to say this bag is amazing!! The leather on this Balenciaga Work bag looks amazing. I can't believe someone had the heart to sell it, lucky you bought it! Gorgeous!
  10. 2007? It's almost 2017! The leather is SUPER smooth. Gorgeous!
  11. Classic Work! Congratssssss