Work work work... Black ($1150) and Grey ($1145)

  1. I thought the grey work had been sold already to a PF'er? What happened......or is this a different bag?
  2. Have no idea... are the pictures the same as the grey Work that got sold? :shrugs:
  3. Why can't I see the work? I need a work, for work....

    Is anyone else having trouble viewing the photos?
  4. It's the same pix, same seller and same description. I wonder if the sale fell through. I believe it sold for around $850.
  5. tabbyco: I can see the pictures just fine. :shrugs:

    cracker: Hmm... then I really don't know. :confused1: She's a reputable seller though. :yes:
  6. I can see them now :p .
  7. I am SO thinking of it... not sure whether I should go for a WORK or a CITY... :confused1: and she is a reputable seller.
  8. I've seen that grey ones pic several times on eBay... I dunno :confused1: