Work. When you know you need something better but you are scared to go .

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  1. Hey all. Well if this is long Sorry , but you guys are the only ones that might be able to help me. Well this is my first real job. Ive been working here for about 10 months and its with stuff that i love (watches). And in the begining i was not doing much but learning. And like two months after i started they saw how fast i was learning and everything so they "kinda Promoted me" but with the same pay i had in the begining. And i recently learned that the person that used to do what i did was getting paid $250 more than what i make. So yeah i kinda got upset and decided to ask for a raise. Well they said they were gonna talk to the boss and see. Well that was two weeks ago and i still havent heard anything. The thing is the place i work at is a very nice place but some people that think they are my "superior" talk down to me. And ***** at me and if something goes wrong automatically they blame me for it. And honestly im getting a little tired of that. And i go home so stressed that i fight with my husband. SO i was wondering will other people hire me if i only have one work experience and will they see it ok that im just giving up after 10 months? Please help me i think about this every day and its getting frustrated. Thank you all for listening.
  2. Booga, that's very odd... why would someone starting out in a lower position than you do make MORE? I wouldn't necessarily name names, but I would go back to your boss and say, "I'm not paid fairly relative to the responsibilities I have."

    Don't allow yourself to fall into the mentality that you won't find anything else. I left a job I disliked and found something way better. You can definitely do this as well.
  3. Oh no, sorry to hear you are having a bad experience at work. Don't feel trapped! Even though it is your first work experience, it sounds like you learned fast and even got promoted in these 10 months. So do not think you do not have experience. If you really like this job, then perhaps you can give it a chance. I have had so many jobs-all kinds-and I have learned that there will always be some who feel superior and will talk down to others. The blaming game is very prevelant, too.

    One just has to establish very defined boundaries and always speak up about something you do not feel right about. Always! If one doesn't speak up, they just keep picking on you. It gets easier to speak up as one gets older...I wish I had done it sooner. In any case, perhaps you cannot change them, but you can change your attitude towards what you experience and then maybe things will change for the better.

    I think other businesses will hire you. You made a great impression at your current job and you love to work, so just believe in yourself and that will come across to the potential employer. You actually have learned a lot and do a lot at your current job than you realize. Just decide what you want to do, give this current job a chance or move on, because if it is interfering with your life at home, then maybe it is time for a change.
  4. It can't hurt to start looking for something else. I do agree to speak up if you feel you aren't being treated right at your current place though.
  5. I'd hate to be treated like that, if you can't leave right now because of finance, then I think you should send your CV to other places, and hold the job down you have at the moment and see what comes up.

    Good luck!
  6. I would definitely speak up. If it's been two weeks, that's plenty of time. If nothing has happened and you haven't said anything, they may think you aren't going to bother with it. Tell them that it is important to you that they get an answer for you, as it impacts your finances (or something to that nature).

    I think we've all been there where you have a job you don't necessarily mind but things just start to get stressful and it's not what we want anymore. I would keep your job but look around. Send your resume to places, go on interviews, and see what happens. You can always decline any jobs you may be offered if they aren't what you truly want. A new employer will look more positively at you if you are currently employed rather than just waiting around. If you aren't being harassed or anything like that I would just stick it out until you can find a replacement. And..if things get better obviously stay where you are. Good luck!
  7. I'll share a question I was asked once - what can you do to improve how you are feeling about where you are now? You can still decide to stay or go elsewhere but its far more pleseant experience while making that decision (and while working with the consequencies of that decision).

    Hope that helps

  8. I would speak up, and try to do what I can to improve things. You can't just go yet if you haven't tried !
    make yourself be respected, ask for feedback regarding the nothing changes and you're miserable then start sending CVs somewhere else, (that'll be 1 year of experience ) and during interviews you could explain why you're leaving but don't make it sound like you can't take any pressure and give up too easily KWIM ?? good luck.
  9. THANKS ALL. i will take all this advice to heart and start doing some interviews but still keep this job. i want to make it here at least for the YR i dont want to be a quiter either. Thank u again it has helped alot to hear what you gals and guys think. Lots of kisses.
  10. Booga, I wanted to say I've been at my job a while and I found out that my coworker is currently making more than I am also. We both have the same title and we share responbilities. I have also been here longer and its a horrible feeling to have. I would suggest you speak to your boss and see if there could be any way of improving.
    I'm waiting for our raises this year and I have about one month to go before I can find out anything. I have to seriously question what I'm going to do if the situation doesn't improve. I just wanted you to know that you weren't alone!!!! If you ever want to talk let me know!
    Just keep your head up and speak up, you never know what will happen. I hope that everything works out for the best though and just make sure that you are happy in your job!! Thats always important!