1. Hi:

    I want to purchase a Balenciaga handbag to use it as lugagge. My first thought was the Weekender. But maybe someday I want to carry it as a purse. And I'm too short 1.63m. and that bag is very big. So I thought, why not buy the Work instead of the Weekender. Do you think that in a Work I can carry the basics clothes for a day(underwear, a pijama, a pair of pants, and a t-shirt)?
  2. Ummm...I think you should ask yourself this: do you want to shove it under the seat in front of you or cram it into the overhead bin?

    I think the Weekender is a GREAT size for travel, but it has that issue of take it on an airplane you have to be willing to shove it in places and give up some control if it's in an overhead bin. I don't know if it's possible to put it under your seat if it's packed with items so then you've got it in the overhead bin and've seen how people fling things around in there.

    Frankly, I think it's more for car trips.

    Also, it's possible - possible - that carry-on luggage will be eliminated for flights over water in the next few months. And you absolutely shouldn't check a B-bag into the cargo hold. :crybaby: So....consider all that....
  3. I use the Weekender for travel, but I also use it as a purse/office bag (in addition to the 'regular' stuff - wallet, makeup, etc. - I put office paperwork in there).

    I am tall though - 5'10" ... however, I really don't think someone's height is the stop-gap for purchasing a Weekender/Work. I think it really depends on what other 'stuff' you typically put into your bags. I know that given how much other stuff I put in my bags, I would not be able to use the Work as you've described ... it would be too small.

    esile -- you have tons of Weekenders too; what do you think?
  4. yeppers, from what i've been hearing on the news you can't bring carry-on's on flights anymore :sad:...everything has to be checked for both national & international flights in & out of the U.S.A...i think the most they'll let you bring with you on U.S.A. flights is a small purse, definitely don't buy the weekender for plane trips, 'cause chances are you'll never get to use it now...and i would never, ever check a b-bag in cargo, either by itself or in my suitcase ;)
  5. Are you afraid it will get stolen in your suitcase? I'll be traveling to Paris in September and had planned on bringing at least one!!!
  6. I put my bbags (and other expensive bags) in my suitcase. I can't imagine someone taking them and if they do, oh well. It would suck but I have to admit I would be much more upset about losing some of my clothes.

    Regarding the weekender and the size, I will post pics of mine for you Brandolina. I am 5'2" ish. The bag is bigger than my upper body (granted I have quite long legs and a shorter torso) so I could not use it for everyday because it would not be comfortable for me. Others, like esile and chassure, are comfortable with the bag but are also taller and prefer large bags.

    I had a work and found the size wasn't for me either and returned it. However, btw the work and the weekender, I would choose the work for everyday. I am not sure though it is big enough for a change of clothes plus a toiletry bag or something like that but for just a change of clothes, I would think it would be fine.
  7. yeppers, i've heard lots of stories about valuables being stolen on international flights :sad:...i know someone who had 2 laptops stolen on flights b/w amsterdam & the U.S.A...if you're gonna pack it, i would hide it really well in between my clothes :yes:...since baggage is routinely & randomly searched now, nothing's safe!!!
  8. Thanks to all of you.

    I don't think the problem it's that your handbag will get stolen in your suitcase. That's next to impossible. The problem is, that companies lost your suitcases so frecuently. It happened to me several times. Fortunately they returned it to me in a week or so. In case that happens, I always carry with me a small bag with a change of clothes and a toiletry bag.

    P.D: I'm sorry for my English. It's not my mother-tongue and I know it's so bad!!
  9. yes, i agree with some of the girls... we can't decide for you. u need to decide by yourself, maybe u should try them both and later decides which works for u better in use?
  10. brandolina, sorry to chime in so late. i am looking at my works and imagining the "clothes for a day" packed in it... and i think, it might work (no pun intended;) ), but there would be barely any room for anything else. i think, the weekender would be better for traveling. if you travel alot, then i would go ahead and invest in a weekender. however, if you don't travel much and plan on using it later as a purse and feel that the weekender may be too big on you, then go for the work. it's hard to say. i hope i helped. good luck!
  11. Thank you!

    Can anyone post a photo comparing a work and a weekender?
  12. brandolina, i'll try to tonight if noone else has... i'm at work right now.

    by the way, love morrisey!
  13. i have a weekender, and for flyiing i carry it, and put my other valuable in there.. like any jewelery, or other bbags that i may want to bring, and a sweater... i leave it pretty empty so it can swish down and put it at my feet carefully. i never never put any bags in cargo in my suitcase!!! I two separate incidences. Once my suitcase must have been left out on the tarmac in the rain, and got totally wet. all my clothes were wet!!

    thank god i had my bags with me on the plane, and another time someones shampoo or something exploded in the cargo hold and got all over my suitcase.... something that i believe is going to happen more and more with everyone packing their liquids and gels and stuff!!
  14. the luggage rules have been slightly relaxed now so as long as it's not full and you can put it in the guide thing at the airport you should be able to bring it. i'm thinking of getting one :graucho:
  15. brandonlina, this is a pic of my fire engine red (rouge vif) work and my black weekender. i am 5'5''... so a bit taller than you (you are 1.63 m= 5'3''). if you look at where my elbow hits each bag in each pic, you get an idea of the size difference. hope this helps you decide. ;) why not get both.:angel:
    carryingrouge1.jpg carryingblkweekender3.jpg