~~Work/Weekender Pictures Wanted~~~

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  1. Okay so I'm dying to buy a soft, smooshy, buttery work or weekender and have been searching on ebay for a pre-used one and the wait is just driving me crazy. So to pass along the time, I'd appericate it if work or weekender owners could post pictures of their bags, so that I can keep my mind on the goal.:supacool: :love:

    Also how much can you carry in a work ? Do you think I'd need to stuff it with a lot of junk so that it looks nice and slouchy or can I carry the usual stuff that I carry in my city ( which isn't much ) and it'll look fine ?

    Oh and sad news..I'll be selling my sky blue city to fund this work/weekender and it makes me alittle sad because it was my first bbag ever and have carried her for almost a year, so it'll be weird not having her around anymore.:crybaby:
  2. Here are some of mine ... I have more Weekenders than any other style. Pics are:
    1. '06 COGNAC Weekender
    2. '06 GRENAT Weekender
    3. '04 TURQUOISE Weekender
    4. '04 ANIS Weekender

    Actually, the last picture is a "combo" (has both the TURQUOISE and ANIS Weekender bags. Enjoy!! (I have others .. just haven't taken pics of them)

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  3. OMG CEEJAY!:drool: :nuts:
    your collection is amazing!

    what do you usually carry in your weekenders ? I'm thinking of getting a work because i'm afraid the weekender will be too overwhelming and I really don't carry much but I'm still hoping maybe that i'll find a supert slouchy weekender that way it won't look so big.
  4. :drool: :drool: :drool:
  5. Oh forgot to mention your grenat weekender is simply drool-worthy! As is your '04 Turq weekender!
  6. Is that really Turquoise 04? It looks like Sky Blue! It's gorgeous, whatever it is...
  7. anymore work or weekender owners who would like to share pictures ? :shrugs:
  8. Wow CeeJay, ya Cognac is :love:
  9. ^Yes I would definitely like to! But I just bought my weekender yesterday from an overseas seller so I HOPE I get her by next week. :love: In the mean time, I'm glad you started this thread because I want to see some weekender pics right now too!
  10. ohh, Pewter what did you buy ?:smile:
  11. :whistle: ... Guess. It was from the very limited selection of weekenders on Ebay. :P
  12. can you give me a time span in which you purchased the bag ? :P
    i know i'm cheating by asking this but it'll probably take me all night before i guess the correct answer,lol.:jammin:
  13. Was it the Cognac from LVlady?
  14. hellosunshine,

    i think u've seen the pic of my work before (from the pale pink turned yellowish thread) but i'm posting it up for u to see again!!

    i love the work and u will too!!

    it slouches just great without having to stuff in a lot of junks....whatever u have in ur city will do just fine....good luck finding ur perfect work!!:love:

    what color are u getting it in??

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