Work wear other than suits?

  1. I just got a new job (:yahoo::yahoo:) and I will be meeting with a lot of clients who are more likely to be department heads or CEO's etc.

    I know that this job requires me to wear suits most of the time however are there any other alternatives to mix and match so I can still stay professional without having to wear a suit every day?
  2. I think tailored shirts paired with dressy cardigans or sweatervests look fab & still professional when paired with a great skirt.
  3. :dothewave: Congratulations on the new job!!

    I agree with kbell that you can break apart the suit pieces and pair skirts/trousers with tailored button downs and twinsets. Black fitted turtlenecks tucked into pencil skirts are a good bet too.

    Nanette Lepore makes great skirt suits that exudes femininity and you can match them with dressy tops appropriate for work.

  4. I have a lot of presentations to sr. mgmt at Fortune 100 companies, and since I'm a lot younger than they are and always telling them what to do with millions of dollars, I always try to look VERY professional. If I don't wear a suit, I will sometimes wear a long sleeve v-neck sweater over a french cuff dress shirt with the french cuffs poking out. Other than that, I think a suit is most appropriate. But, I do sometimes wear cute skirt suits, or try to jazz up a suit with awesome shoes, like red patent Loubies
  5. Thanks everyone for the suggestions.

    Mich, we're in the same boat. I am also younger than a lot of the people in my firm so I knew that a suit was really only the best option. But I guess there is only so much that you can swing before it's not too professional anymore.

    Bubbleloba, that purple blouse is beautiful! I'm going to get myself a couple of vibrant blouses to go under my suit!:biggrin:
  6. I like to wear dresses to work too. I just recently bought a cute Jovavich Hawk dress that is tailored and cute but professional. I like dresses because you don't have to match them with anything.
  7. Oh congrats! Don't forget a nice black pencil skirt, just above the knee (we know you are young and hot, but go conservative at work) and a cotton blouse tucked in or a shell and cardigan.
  8. This is one of the problems I always have. Sorry I don't have any suggestions for you, but I feel your pain. :yes:

    I catch myself wearing almost the same styles and same color (black, blue, white, brown) everyday and it gets so boring in the morning, but really there's not many choices.
  9. I rarely have to wear a suit anymore, but when I do: my suit is black with a 3 button jacket and wideleg pants. I like to wear it with a cute top and cute accessories. When the jacket is buttoned, you can hardly tell what I'm wearing underneath, you just see the color peeking out. That way I'm conservative without being stuffy. Plus, if I'm meeting friends after work I can just remove the jacket and I look presentable...
  10. i think a long sleeves turtle neck and a pencil skirt's very elegant and sexy :p
  11. Absolutely, a pencil skirt with a refined knit cardigan and shell on top, belted, is very professional. Tights or hose and closed toe pumps and you're all set!

    The key is to keep knits at work tightly knit, IMO. Big, loose knits are too casual. Dark colors are more conservative, and you can jazz it up with fun but not too jangly jewelry and a fabulous tote or handbag.

    And the weather may be too cold now depending, but a shirtdress is a great option, too. I swore by my black one when I was job hunting this summer and didn't want to throw on a full suit.
  12. Congrats!
    I am afraid I can't be of much help because I always wear a suit despite my age. Sometimes I wear a v-neck with a french cuffed shirt on "casual Friday".
    IN all honest,y I don't think you can get away with anything else, especially if you're going to meetings. And if you work mostly with men who have to wear ties and such, they may make a complaint because you're not following the dress code.
  13. I have several wrap dresses that keep my work wardrobe from being too boring. I try to pair the dresses with nice shoes and a great bag. And, if I suspect the dress isn't "professional" enough for a particular work meeting/event, I'll put a jacket on top.

    Other than that, I invest in multiples of the classics - black trousers, gray trousers, simple skirts, etc..then try to "jazz" it up a bit with more modern blouses and sweaters.
  14. I love Nanette Lepore too! Her suits are not stuffy at all and also work great as separates. I also have this vest dress that I love, it's very versatile, looks very different depending on the shirt you wear with it. It's from last season but I'm sure you can find something similar. Congrats on the job!

  15. OMG i LOVE that top!! But $215 is a little steep. :sad: