Work wardrobe, how many outfits a season?

  1. Just wondering how everyone here does their seasonal shopping and how many outfits a season are 'enough' for work. :confused1:
  2. I how many outfits you need for a season depends on where you work and what you like to wear. I wear a lot of dresses because I'm too lazy to match tops to bottoms, so I try to add new things pretty regularly so I don't look like a carbon copy of myself every day! I buy 6 or 7 dresses every month along with other seasonal items (cashmere sweaters, some skirts, tights and boots this fall for layering) to mix in. Anyway, I try to end up with 20 to 30 or so new outfits each season.
  3. I think this depends on a lot of things like the level of dressiness at your work, your preferences (skirts, pants, dresses), and how mixable your wardrobe is.

    I prefer to par down as much as possible. I find it easier to get dressed in the morning without too much clutter. I also try to get colors that look good together so that most of my wardrobe mixes well together and I can pair just about any top and bottom together. My office is business casual and I have plenty with 3-4 pants, 3-4 skirts, a few jackets, and several of tops, sweaters, and camis. My tops are mixable with at least half my bottoms.

    People pay the most attention to the top so if you plan to skimp do it on bottoms. You should be fine with a few pairs of neutral pants and a few neutral skirts. Assuming everything fits and is current I only update 1 bottom with a trend like menswear or wide leg for the upcoming season.

    For tops I try to get things that can be layered under and over. Like a cami under a wrap top - switching the camis up can create different looks. Or a jacket over a button down which can also be layered under a sweater. I also look for items that have two looks like sweaters with detachable collars and cuffs. Again I go with current looking tops but nothing too trendy for work. I also try to find clothing with something small but special so that there is visual interest and uniqueness but they are not so unique that everyone will remember you wore it recently. I probably have about 6 camis, 6 tops, and 6-8 sweaters that mix with the bottoms.

    You can also use acessories like shoes, belts, and jewlery to mix things up. This is where I tend to update the most each season. I probably have at least 4 pairs of pumps and 2 pairs of boots for fall/winter for work.
  4. I've been wondering about the same thing with all the new fall clothes coming out.

    I've been spending so much money on bags I've let my wardrobe slide a bit! I can't remember buying anything new for spring or summer. But I recently picked up a light weight wool navy pinstripe suit on sale which will be great for client meetings and times when I want to be conservative.

    I'm thinking I need a least one new outfit plus a few blouses I can pair with existing pants and skirts. I love M Missoni sweaters so I try to add one or two when I can, but so far I haven't seen one that's a must have for fall.
  5. I just buy things when I find things I like, especially on sale. I do wear things for a few years though quite often. A lot of my work wardrobe is suits and not things that are really trendy. I tend to wear a lot of black and brown.
  6. I think it totally depends on the environment. If you work in an ad agency in NYC, you might need more outfits than if you work at an IT firm in the suburbs.

    Since I teach classes in front of 18-22 year olds, I try not to repeat my outfits too often over the course of the semester. But a lot of my "work" clothes can be play clothes too -- designer jeans, cashmere sweaters, wrap dresses, casual jackets, sundresses. I don't have to dress for a highly professional office. If I needed suits all the time, I'd probably repeat my outfits a lot more:smile:
  7. ZoeyZoo, you and I have a similar work clothes shopping style. I tend to focus less on my bottoms then my tops. I just make sure that I have a certain number that fit well in a pallette of neutral colors for the upcoming season. I definitely spend more on jackets & suits, although I'm moving towards more cardigans.

    I also don't wear too many skirts or dresses. My office environment is conservative and business casual, but people don't dress terribly well and tend to repeat items too often or off-season, like a boucle knit jacket in the middle of summer. As for me, I'm investing more in scarves and statement jewelry to stand out more and to dress it up. Frankly, I'm a little bored with my work 'personna' and don't want to get too lazy.

    Right now because I'm trying to lose weight I'm keeping bottoms to a minimum (that's my 'problem' area). For fall I've gotten 3 cardigans, two shells, and 1 necklace so far. I think more then a certain number of purchases a season seems a little bit of a 'waste' (for me) since I'll only get to enjoy each item a few times in a season unless its a simple basic, like a pair of black pants.
  8. Jayjay, I'm also looking for a Missoni sweater, LOL. Or a scarf at least. Haven't seen anything must-have yet!
  9. i'm a compulsive list-maker, so i've made a list of my fall wardrobe wishlist this time around, so i don't overbuy (especially after seeing the new jcrew fall collection!) i think how much you buy each season depends on a lot of things: like others have said, the dressiness of your work environment, how many outfits and pieces you already own, etc. i'm looking to buy about 6 pairs of trousers, at least a dozen tops, 5 more sweaters, 3 cardigans, 2 dresses, a few vests, and i'm *trying* to limit myself to five pairs of shoes...but i doubt i'll succeed!