work wardrobe dilemna: how to look professional but creative ?

  1. Hey Ladies, maybe some of you are in the same situation than me and could help me here.
    Here's the situation : I am a Designer working in a large manufacturing company.
    At my present work place anything goes, from bermuda shorts and sandals (for the engineers) to the boring suits (for marketers). Everyone is very open minded.
    I dress casual (jeans or skirt + tshirt) and sneakers or ballet flats. I also like to look a bit streety. I spend most of my time on a computer, but sometimes have to get "dirty" & crafty......cutting, gluing, spray painting.
    I have the perfect "Designer" style, which is dressing the same way as my colleagues who are men and a bit younger than me. (But Im super feminine, long hair, accessories...
    -> But I have a slight problem with it : people in "suits" tend to talk and look down on me !! and also if I leave this place and go for interviews or work somewhere else ?...and finally is it time to "grow up" and not dress like a college student anymore ?:confused1:
    Please help !!:hysteric:
  2. You could wear a suit, but wear a fun color or printed shirt underneath the jacket or some bold/different accessories.
  3. Try tailored jackets from Nanette Lepore, Sisley, Max & Co. (I own jackets from all 3 and love them!). You can pair them with jeans and heels, skirts, and slacks. Nanette Lepore makes fabulous feminine fitted jackets. :smile: I recently bought this set (it comes with a flare skirt in the same color, not the pattern one seen this pic) in brown. Hope this helps!
  4. ^^ ITA about putting on a jacket to look more pulled together and professional but in a trendy style so it's not stiff and boring. You can take the jacket off when you're doing more of the crafty, hands-on work and put it on when you're meeting with colleagues and clients.
  5. Enjoy being young and feminine in a funky dress from Topshop or H&M with nice platform heels that you can run in.

    I agree with pursegrrl recommendation about using a jacket to dress up if need be.