Work vs Weekender- Need help please!!


Mar 14, 2007
Making my dreams come true
I GOT A WORK!!!!!!!!

Fiatfiax was wonderful and alerted me to the sale going on in San Fran. I got a brown work for 40% off!!! :nuts:

I had it overnighted. I will get it tomorrow :yahoo:

I paid under $900 including shipping!!!! :wlae::wlae:

I spoke with a fellow pfer, Kimair, after I had placed the call. She had seen the bag and confirmed that it was a great bag. She almost bought it but does not like brown so she passed on it.

The SA wasn't sure of the color. It's not truffle or chocolate but it's not very light either. She compared it to a walnut. Interesting to see what I get!!!!

Thanks guys!!!