Work vs Weekender- Need help please!!

  1. I cannot seem to find the post that compared Work vs Weekender (or perhpas it never existed and I am just losing my mind :nuts:).

    Anyway, I am now considering one of the above to carry my laptop but also on the rare occassions when I travel. I actually do have a yoga retreat in September for a weekend :yahoo: Not sure if the Work is large enough to hold my stuff for a weekend so should I just go for a weekender?? :confused1:

    Please help! Thanks!!!
  2. If you want to use the bag for travel/gataway weekned trips, I recommend you getting a Weekender instead.

    I have both of them(sorry, don't have a comparison pic)and Work is just too small for travel/weekend trips. If you're planning to double it as a travel bag, get a Weekender!

    I use my Work mostly for work and shopping.
    Hope this helps....and pls let us know what you'll be getting!
  3. Thanks! That actually does help a lot. I was thinking of going with a Weekender but I should see one irl before I make up my mind.

    Thanks again!!
  4. Definitely go with the Weekender. The Work really isn't that big and would be too small for trips. I can't wait to see what you get. I'm dying for a WE.
  5. Glad to be at your service!:welcome:

    Have you thought about what color you're going to get??

    This is exciting! I love big bags:heart:
  6. I may stop by the Short Hills Mall today and see if they have any Weekenders.

    I don't know if this is against the rules (if it is, please edit this post!!) but where can I find one at a great price? I am not asking anyone to sell me their bags via pms- just to clarify!!

  7. Toosh- no idea of the color yet. I would like something on the neutral side but still fun :tup: Like an anthracite.
  8. Yay! Weekenders rock :tup: The leather on most are super thick and smooshy :drool: Check out Realdealcollection... I saw one this morning...

    Good luck on your fun search!
  9. Thanks guy!!! Girlie- I saw that weekender but it's white and I cannot do white bags :wtf:

    I am heading off shortly to the mall. Will let you know what I discover :rolleyes:
  10. Judie~ I just got a black weekender and just used her for the first time today!!! I LOVE it!!!! A weekender would be better then the work for travel and for a laptop. I have a black we and a black work. I will take comparison photo's for you in a bit.
  11. I saw a Truffle Weekender at NM. It was HUGE!!! Lee thought it was big too but he said he sells a lot of them, especially to me. He said people use it as an every day bag.

    I think it's just too big for me :confused1:

    I don't know. Why am I driving myself crazy over this??? I think I would get more use out of a Work than a Weekender.


    Me confused.
  12. Here is some more comparison pics:smile: !!!
    I prefer the Work for an everyday use...but the WE is maybe better if you are carrying a lot of stuff and you want to use it occasionelly for WE...
    Weekender  Anthracite SS07 (8).JPG Weekender  Anthracite SS07 (9).JPG Weekender  Anthracite SS07 (10).JPG
  13. I need to figure it out. The fact of the matter is I don't really travel very much and when I do, I can just use my LV travel bag. I just, for some odd reason, only want to carry B Bags :confused1:

    I am leaning towards a Work. WE just seems too big for every day use.

    Thanks for experiencing this saga with me :rolleyes: