work vs city

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  1. newbie the work just a larger version of the city? I can't seem to tell the diff between the two except for their size...
  2. The work doesn't have a shoulder strap and is bigger than the city.
  3. They appear the same with pictures but I think they look quite different when worn due to the size difference. As vb pointed out, the work doesn't have the shoulder strap...less hardware.
  4. ic..thanx ladies for the info! :smile:
  5. They both are great size bags. But it seems to me that in the office bags the leather is a lo swishier. Meaning you have to balance out what u putin there or the bag looks off
  6. Hello All!:smile:

    I am about to give in to a craving for my first Bbag. And I'm torn between the City vs the Work? :confused1: I have looked through the pictures in the library and found them helpful but any more comments will be great.

    Yays, Nays?? Any input will be very very helpful.. :shame: size, usability, handles?

    I'm very excited to order it - whichever my decision will be! :yahoo:
  7. I have both and prefer the city as it has a shoulder strap.
  8. Out of these 2 I'd get a city, but I prefer the Step and Day ;)
  9. I love my city and if I could, I would buy it in every color!
  10. For now I prefer the all depends on your needs. I do like big bags and the work is a great everyday bag for me as a mother of a toddler it does fit over my arm if necessary, now it's not really a goingout bag. I find it a bid too big for that but have you considered the Part-Time it is a great inbetween bag now I think it's nicer in SGH than RH .
  11. I think that it really depends on your needs and what size of a bag you are comfortable carrying - it's very likely that you might even really love both for different occasions!! I love, love, love my Cities and will continue to purchase them and use my them as going out bags, but I have recently been forced to admit to myself that the City is just too small for me as an everyday bag. For me, it's the perfect size for going out to dinner, lunch, etc. but as an everyday bag it just really feels tiny to me - probably as result of carry an LV Cabas Mezzo as an everyday bag for years!! So, I'm now in the process of re-thinking my current collection :wtf: and debating what color I should get for my first Work!!
  12. Next on my hitlist is a work. But for your first bbag, I'd def. suggest a city. For me, the city provides plenty of room for all my stuff, and I think it's more versatile in size, and functionality because of the shoulder strap. Plus, it's a classic! You can't go wrong with a city. :smile:
  13. Good point! Since you are moving from First to your next BBag, City should be the better choice since Work is much bigger and w/o a strap; otherwise you might get a "culture shock".
  14. I have an 05 black city and love it to pieces - but sometimes... just sometimes... I wish I had a work instead... but I :heart: my city - and I do think it's a more versatile.. and I'm 5'2 and barely 100 pounds - so the work is HUGE on me... so is the city, really - but I think the "trend" right now is huge, huge bags - and so this is why I'm looking at the work with a new appreciation. 3 years ago when I bought my city I was in between the city and the first! :lol: Never did I question my purchase until recently with the huge bag trend... now the work is lookin' mighty purrty :drool: