Work vs. city

  1. Ok. My decision is between the Work and City size. I know the city is smaller, but it is rather hard to imagine sizes without actually seeing it in person. I plan to use it for school, and i know the work is made to fit folders and such.Which one do you guys think is more useful? and What color? im trying to look for a steel or anthracite color in either style, cuz i figure it'll match whatever i wear...
  2. If you have plans of putting papers or folders in the bag, then it really needs to be a work. And of course, the work would be more school appropriate with it's slightly more conservative design (no 'ears,' a single zipper, feet on the bottom, etc).

    Diabro has pretty good pictures of most styles and colors.
  3. My City is sitting next to me. I is a nice middling to big handbag for normal handbag type use. I can easily get everything in it including folding umbrella and it isn't full. I could stuff a paperback book in too and that would be OK. If I started on hardback books and folders it wouldn't.

    I haven't got a Work but think that might be better for you.
  4. Hi Izznit. I think it all boils down to preference. I have both, and for everyday, I prefer my Anthrawork. I use my city on weekends. Color-wise, you can't go wrong with either, however, I am partial to Anthracite :tup:. Thanks to a fellow tPFer, I was able to locate an AnthraCity RH, but they are very difficult to locate. I think it's the same with the AnthraWork, I just happened to luck out. If you are interested in the AnthraCity in GH, I think you will have better luck. Steel/plomb, I heard, is extremely popular, so if you decide to go that route, I wouldn't recommend waiting too long. Black, is a classic. You can't go wrong with Black, IMO. Anyway, Good luck with your quest, and please keep us apprised of your decision!
  5. Yeah..Browsin' through some other threads and comparison pictures i think I might choose the work...Now it's just down to color...hmm... If it was anthracite it would have to be RH, same if it were steel/plomb. If any of you see an anthra RH or steel work let me know! :biggrin:
  6. I've been looking for a RH anthracite work for a while now and there don't seem to be any left :sad:. I think you should be able to find a steel work pretty easily though.
  7. I vote for work if you're using it for school because the city might look a bit too "stuffed" looking if you have folders and books in there... the work would be perfect... and black work is always safe... or anthracite if you want something different but like others have said its very hard to locate one now... so an alternative would be Plomb/steel this season... as an alternative to black.... HTHs... keep us posted...
  8. I own a couple cities and recently ventured into work. Now I absolutely love the work style and wonder why I hadn't it tried it earlier.

    The roomy size, the simple style, everything is to die for. For school and office, I totally recommend the work. There'll always be little things you need to drag around and a city just isn't big enough. Oh, btw, work doesn't look too big, but it's much more functional.
  9. Another vote for WORK:tup:
    IMG_2697.JPG IMG_2698.JPG
  10. From what you described what you are needed it for.... another vote for WORK.:tup:
  11. :tup:I vote Work, too!
    i have just ordered one and can't wait!!
    I find that sometimes my City gets a bit too stuffed!
  12. Here's another vote for the Work.

    Both the Work and the City are my two fav' styles. I use the Work everyday for work and shopping and the City for the weekend, usually. I tend to lug a ton of stuff around, so I like the extra roominess in the Work. Especially when it's broken in, the top corners slouch, and the soft puddle of leather just hangs from your shoulder:drool::heart:

    As for color, that's a whole another question!!! Either Anthracite or Steel would be a good choice, but I personally prefer the chameleon factor of Anthra. I have 2(RH City and RH Work), but they're both quite different. If you really like blue-gray, I'd highly recommend Anthra!!! You can always wait for one to pop up on eBay....:tup:
  13. oh my goodness i found a RH anthracite!!! now just to see if it's legit...
  14. Work! Just took my new Work baby out today for her first trip. She carried her laptop with ease!!! I also considered Anthracite because I love my AnthraDay, but I finally chose black with GGH, because I loved the color and texture of my particular bag. It also looked real good on Fergie!!!

    My Work is kinda bluish/charcoal, not real dark black like my RH black city. I love her!
  15. i don't think you can go wrong with the work if you need the bag for school. i used mine for school and it was incredibly efficient. i always had room for everything i needed to bring with me plus a ton of room to spare (i usually carried 2 notebooks, wallet, water bottle, some snacks, make up case, pencil case, ipod, umbrella + a random text book here and there). i have to admit, i felt clumsy with it on my shoulder the first few times i wore it (i'm 5'2 and about 105lbs) but i simply love love love huge bags and the more i used it the more comfortable it felt on the shoulder (except in winter, puffy jackets + the work = a no no, so i often sacrificed warmth for a peacoat if i wanted to carry the work).

    i also have a city and only use it for school if i'm attending one class a day, otherwise i feel like i have to leave things home that i would normally bring out with me. i also had to bring smaller notebooks in the city, and absolutely had to carry a bottle of water, a snack, wallet, makeup case and ipod. it was a calculated fit!