Work Vent aka Complain About Your Job!

  1. I just had to do an hour long training for something I will never have time to do. My work package is supposed to take a full 8 hrs a day. I am never given something to do that isn't scheduled for a full 8 hours. Yet, they just had me train for something that they will never give me time off my regular work package to do. Huh? Okie dokie.
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    I really hate my job too, but if I were to leave, I'd only be working for less than half a year as I'm going to change my college status from part-time to full-time and quit full-time work.

    -I get paid at least a few thousand dollars less annually than other admins/coordinators who have so much less work than I do in the same office. Of course, they belong to a different company too that tends to give higher pay, but their work amounts to much less.

    -These girls can do their school work at great lengths at work with no repercussions whatsoever- their superiors don't even say anything. So, they hit two birds with one stone and get paid to do it.

    -My lead coordinator, being a gov't employee for 10 years, takes so many frequent breaks from half a day to a few weeks that he averages probably going to work 3 times a week if not a little less. What happens? Stuff that he schedules to happen on his end gets tossed onto my pile of work, which is already pretty tremendous, when he's not here (which is pretty close to half the year!).

    -I'm one of the few contractors in a government facility; if the government decides to have people leave early or close the building for whatever reason necessary or not, the government employees get free leave while the rest of us have to use our vacation leave.

    -Oh, and I'm supposed to magically know how to handle certain things that I was never trained for when my lead coordinator isn't here.

    This doesn't even include the job duties themselves, which is sad.
  3. I hated my first job (started in late 2009) and finally decided to quit in May. I wasn't getting ANY hours and I just hated the pressure and dreaded going to work so I quit. Now I have a new job and I like it a lot more :smile:
  4. a woman part of our staff set off the alarms as she was leaving a few weeks ago. I just realized i haven't seen her since then O_O
  5. ugh.
    i was putting away some underwear and found several panties that had been stained from uterine lining -_-
    i sling shot them to my co-worker to damage them out. that ain't my job! the store has a policy to "no panties in fitting rooms" but customers still take them in.
    i can not even think of why a woman would think it is okay to take off their own underwear (even if they are wearing a tampon) and then try on a pair of underwear they do not own!

    what bothers me the most is that the women/woman probably put the stained ones back but took new/unstained panties to purchase.
  6. Hahaha, when I used to work ay VS, back in college,this is exactly the kind of stuff I have seen - panties all crumbled back stained with greenish yellow discharge. It puzzles me how someone would even think it's ok to try on panties. :confused1:
  7. If your customers are anything like mine, they took new ones to steal, not buy.

    I gave my notice, I'm out on the 31st. Retail politics are getting involved, of course, and they are messing around with the other manager telling her she will be fired "soon". If they fire her, I walk with her even if it's before the 31st.
  8. I have probably one of the easiest jobs in the area. Most of the time, I do little or nothing, but when it gets busy, it gets extremely busy instantly. It goes from nothing to all out panic mode in a second or so with the ringing of a phone. The hours are fine, 10 hours, 4 days, with three days together off. Except for a few hours, I work alone, so I don't have too much in the way of co-worker issues.

    Yet, I don't know how much longer I can stand it. Been there too long I guess and have seen too many changes not all of which have been for the better.
  9. Ummmmmm, Re: the vaginal discharge on underwear... THAT IS DISGUSTING.
    I also don't understand why people think it's OKAY to take off their underwear when trying ANYTHING at all! Like, do you take your panties off when you're trying on spandex shorts too?! Barf!

    Luckily, I haven't had to encounter this at my workplace YET. We have swimsuits so there's the possibility but I've only seen a mysterious stain twice so far: one on a black one-piece and another on the outside of men's briefs :weird:
  10. this isn't a workplace complaint for me but a retail complaint.

    i returned a pair of defective shorts to old navy. (the shorts sewn hem came undone and unraveled after the first wash). so i returned them, assuming they would be marked with a damage tag (to either be resold or "damaged out"). i was surprised to see that the shorts were thrown in a pile of regular returns that were to be taken out back to teh floor.

    might i add, that the shorts didn't have a price tag. -_- and when i bought them, they didn't have a price tag.

    now i am beginning to think that someone else may have returned the shorts after noticing the slight fraying at the bottom. then it was taken back to the floor w/o tags or a damage ticket.
  11. So I don't know how any of this got started, but the other asst manager at my store is apparently on the hot seat (as far as I know the only mistake she's made has been a register error resulting in a loss of $19.76 which she has already repaid). Today she called up our other location and the store manager answered. When my asst said "hey blah, this is blahblah, can you check on a blahblahblah for me?" she said - I **** you not - "I THOUGHT THEY FIRED YOU ALREADY!"

  12. WOW :wtf:
    at a dept store i used to work as a shoe associate - the shoe manager reassigned stock duties (since me and about 3 other people were new hires). so i got childrens shoes, as the other person was fired. well a co-worker who wasn't even fired had his section taken away and given to someone else. i told my co-worker about it the same day of reassignments and he said "oh yeah. i spoke to our manager and he said not to worry about it." i said, are you sure you are not about to be fired and he replied no.
    wellllllll. later that day that guy was fired. of course the shoe manager denied EVER knowing.

    how can you not know in advance which of your department employees are about to be fired?
  13. Guess we should all be glad we didn't work here.
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    Thank you for this thread...

    My manager at work sometimes is so intolerable that it's not unusual if I just have a breakdown and cry in the bathroom...

    The latest was last week when she accused me of creating an incorrect report that affected our year end distribution..

    She is a divorcee and between me and my other female colleague, we really feel she plays favoritism..She loves my male colleague and all other males worker that talks to her..
    So what happened was, a massive error happened and she rudely asking to see the my colleague found and showed her, despite it bears my male colleague's name and signature on it, she didn't want to believe it..
    She was like: "it couldn't have been (name of male colleague)"!!!

    The she went on: (my name) was it you?
    Because I sat one desk away from her, I couldn't see the paperwork and couldnt be certain if I created that particular report (all of us was allocated into numbers of funds) so I didn't say anything and was fully on checking the soft copy..

    Only later I found the papers she was looking at and saw my male colleague's name and signature and the date it was created..

    And to my surprise, that day I wasn't even there as I was still on my holiday!!

    This has gnawed me for days so I decided to raise it with her..

    I told her my concerns that when she despite saw the name and signature of my male colleague, she went ahead and accused me..
    Why did she do that? It is really hurtful.. My male colleague has commited many breaches (just because he doesn't care about the job and knows that he can always get away with his mistakes) and I have tried my hardest working with her (my recent performance review has rated me as someone who often exceeds expectation) - so why is it, in her eyes, that it is impossible for him to make mistake, but it is natural if there is a mistake, it is me who did it?!

    She straight away brushed me off saying: "you are too paranoid. Stop over exaggerating and toughen up!" and told me she doesn't have time for this..

    Needless to say, I have started to look for another job..

    I have been in the company for more than 2 1/2 years now and I don't think I deserve this..

    At my first month there, she has reduced my self esteem to nothing..I am not good yet but slowly I am learning to appreciate myself more..

    I don't know how else to cope except to learn to accept that she is just a horrible person and diseased at heart...

    So I just want to let it out...thank you for listening :smile:
  15. Just been too many silly things happening that are driving me crazy. I'm trying to hold on, but I'm steadily losing my grip.

    I just can't believe some of the things they're doing. I can't see staying here more than a few more months, maybe weeks, maybe less. I can't think clearly. I can't focus. It takes too long to get it out of my system after I leave. By the time I do, it's time to come back and the cycle starts all over again.