Work v. Weekender

  1. I am thinking of getting a bag for work - would not be used for wallet, keys, phone, etc., just bills. papers, magazines and all that extra stuff. Which of these would work better? Does either of them fit comfortably over the shoulder? That is essential for me.

    What color ? Something that would go with everything - bright or neutral? Thanks for any of your advice.
  2. I would go with a neutral, but not black/noir - something that you won't get bored of... truffle sound YUMMY in a work!!
  3. Truffle over an ink? Would you get a work instead of a weekender?
  4. Yeah, I personally like the work better, although I wouldn't mind a weekender :smile:

    I would have trouble choosing between truffle and ink. I think it depends on your wardrobe. I might choose ink.
  5. The decision may be determined by what I can find out there. It seems that both colors go with almost everything. It's hard to match a work bag - but both colors seem to go with everything I wear: black, brown, navy, variations of red, purple, pink, turquoise, right?
  6. I wouldn't wear ink w/ black, but that may be just me. I dunno, for an EVERY DAY bag I would maybe go w/ camel or truffle... something that goes with literally everything.
  7. I have never seen the ink but kept reading that it looked black in some light. But doesn't seem you can go wrong with the camel or truffle.

    DOes your work fit over your shoulder well?
  8. Both fit over the shoulder.
    I love the weekender but the work looks more dressy.