Work tote recommendation

Apr 17, 2009
Seattle area, WA
For those wanting an under the radar option, the Christian Dior Book Tote in leather is really nice. Same price as the embroidered canvas which I am REALLY considering even though it's cloth
Nov 17, 2020
I'm a huge fan of MZ Wallace bags for work and travel. They're lightweight, all-weather, practically indestructible, and they have great design features -- usually a ton of pockets/compartments and many also have included pouches. Great workhorse bags.


Sparkle on!
Mar 31, 2013
Food Haven
Where I live, it rains a lot, so if I need a formal and sharp looking tote, I will use my Prada Galleria as it is in Saffiano leather that makes it more durable. Design wise, there are now some tiny updates although still maintaining its older, original composition.

However, Prada also makes this bag in many other colours (pic below) in Saffiano leather, and I think it shares the same classic representation of Prada. While I have the Neverfull DE, few Longchamp nylon totes, and a Burberry check-print tote, I do not always consider them suitable for all work purposes.



Jul 27, 2016
I have the Neverfull MM since 2018 and I like it as a laptop bag. The straps are ok could be more comfortable. I am really eyeing the Valentino shopper tote because it comes in a really beautiful blue gray but I’m not sure if the studs are appropriate for a work environment. I second the Tory Perry totes.


Apr 20, 2020
I'm not sure if this is everyone's cup of tea, but the Faure Le Page totes are pretty comfortable imo. Their tote bag is their Daily Battle and it comes in several different sizes and different color options. What's great about the bag is the adjustable strap so you can make it long or short, and they're soft as well. The bag is made of canvas but not as stiff as the Neverfull and definitely more substantial than the St. Louis. I own the 32 Daily Battle Zipped tote and so far love it, because it's comfortable to wear, the strap is generous, the corners on the bottom are reinforced, and the print is unrecognizable.