Work To Live, or Live To Work ?

  1. Do you work to live or live to work ? Do you have difficulty separating the two ?

    If you won the lottery would you continue to work ?
  2. I will always work..raising my lottery or not..I will always work my butt off at being a good mom.
  3. Definitely work to live!
  4. I work harder and longer now being a stay home mom than I did when I worked 8 hours a day!! I do/did not live to work!! I did work to live. I think our lives at home are our real lives and work is just that-work. And if I won the lottery, like 20 million--NO way would I work!!! But that's just me.
  5. I work to live, But i do like to work.
  6. as a student with tons of loans.. i would have to say, i work in order to live.. if i win the lottery.. i guess, it depends on how much i will win.. if ever several millions, i probably will have a business..
  7. Pradasmeadow - i totally love it :love: how your threads make me think!!! (i was like a robot before - get up go to work, come home, eat dinner, go to bed etc...) its like opened up a whole new side of my brain! :flowers:

    anyway, getting back to the thread...
    I work to live... and yes i do sometimes have difficulty separating them, but i'm not work 6 days a week anymore:cool: - its kinda odd but i'm getting use to it... ENJOY LIFE!!!! ENJOY IT!!! :smile:
    If i won the Lottery, i probably would continue to work or go back and do some study or something... I dont want the grey matter to start wasting away. :roflmfao:
  8. Right now I work to live but it is starting to kill me, I am going to have to find something else very soon. If I won the lottery I would volunteer full time. I spend Sunday nights volunteering at a homeless shelter, I would love to be able to help them everyday. It is very rewarding.
  9. I work to live (as a mother) unfortunatley my husband lives to work.:sad:
    It's taking a toll on the kids and I.
  10. well currently I'm a student (but I have worked a lot before going back to school). I'm in a PhD program...which to me means I LOVE what I do.
    If I won the lottery I would definitely keep working....but instead of the pressure of a research tier I university, I would work at a lesser university so I didn't have as much pressure to be published, etc. and could take 3 months off in the summer to travel, etc.
    I am technically "off" school right now for summer (I am still working on research & publications...but at a relaxed pace - mostly from home) and am going insane with boredom! So I would need work!
  11. i definately work to live.

    the only reason i work is because i have expensive tastes. if i could stand to be "simple" i could probably stay home or work very part time. oh well. it's nice to have a cushion.
  12. Both??? I'm Kidding. I Love What I Do & It's Not Necessary That I Work (It's Just Part Of Our Lives). I Do So Little Now (Within In My Work Environment)......At Home ~ I'm Full Time Mommy & Wife......$20 Million Would Be Nice.

    ***That Makes Me Think Of The Show Roseanne......

    In The Last Season, When They Won Lottery & Their Lives Changed So Much (Including Dan & Roseanne Seperating).....But, Weren't They Suppose To Be Happy Just Being Themselves?

    In The End, That Last Season Wasn't Real. Dan Had Died & Roseanne (Who On The Show, Was Writing The Show ~ Telling Her Life), Wrote That Last Season About Winning The Lottery Not To Deal With Dan's Death.

    In The End, She Realized It Didn't Matter She Didn't Have Dan.

    My Husband & I Just Saw That Episode In 2006......Oh Did I Cry!
  13. I work to live. If I won the lottery, I'd still work but maybe not fulltime.
  14. It depends on the job. There are places that I just LOVE working at and then there are some that I stay at for the pay. If I won a lottery, I would definitely work. Maybe not a full-time job but definitely a few days a week.
  15. So glad i could help. :flowers: