work shirts/woven shirts for scrawny top

  1. Hello ladies! I need help.

    I am very skinny on top (I've actually lost a lot of weight this summer that I see my six pack - even though i haven't hit the gym since May lol).

    I'm wondering if anyone knew if there are certain brands that might carry a few great-fitting xs sizes or companies whose shirt sizes run small.

    The only one that ever ran small for me was Abercrombie XS - except I am way too old to be wearing Abercrombie dress shirts - when you wash them the material becomes.... just not professional. Anyway, the problem with AF fittings were that their arms were way too tight for their own good.

    I am mostly concerned with ones that fit my practically non-existent chest, but overall, I pretty much have a very flat stomach and tiny arms. Also, I can't wear petite sizes because i'm 5'6 and the sleeves will seem too short, I also like shirts not too short because I don't like them coming out of my pants after I tuck them in.

    Anyhooooo. Thanks in advance!!!
  2. Try Zara or Express shirts with stretch. Something about the way their shirts are cut make them seem less bulky, even though they are not tight-fitting.
  3. I have some Express button downs too. I have the opposite problem but they have stretch in them so they fit well. They come out wrinkle free too when you wash them. Most of mine are several years old so I don't know if they have changed them. The Limited actually owns Express so their clothes are usually similar.

    I also like stretch silk ones from brands like Theory, Trina Turk, and BCBG. I find them stretchy too and tend to look more expesive than the Express ones.