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  1. Fixing some issues with the skin, it should come back soon!
  2. You are so terrific about posting this kind of thing - I came here specifically to see if anybody else had noticed, and there you were! The Pursemaster, working hard! Thank you!
  3. Ah I was in a panic! I also used to use it for School/Class safe :shame:
  4. Any update, I am back to work this week and really need this :ninja:
  5. I'll make sure Vlad is getting ti done as soon as possible!!
  6. I am missing it too!
  7. I've re-arranged my desk so computer screen is facing me - but I can't have it that way for long...
  8. what is the work safe theme?
  9. Will this be back anytime soon? :smile:
  10. Let me see if V can get this up today for you all again!
  11. Megs, you aren't b-slappin' Vlad enough, I see. /whine ON: WORK MODE! Come on! /whine off.
  12. Megs, thank you for abusing Vlad. I am SO glad to see Work-Safe mode back! <kiss kiss>
  13. Ah, that's great! :ninja: Thanks, Vlad!

    Case closed :closed:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.