Work rouge theatre 2005/violet,help me!!!

  1. Could you help me,I've a "bag dilemn",I've found a brand new Rouge Theatre Work(she's in a shop:no reducted price),but,I wanted to keep my money for a Violet...I'm tempted and really don't know want to do,I've just bought an aqua Day and a Fendi Spy last month:noggin:,that's why I wanted to wait for the Violet,but Rouge Theatre is hard to find,isn't it?
    If you were me,what would you do:rouge theatre Work or Violet(Day or Work),but not both...;)
    Thanks in advance!!!
  2. Actually, I've found that rouge theatre hasn't been THAT hard to find. They pop up about once a month on average on eBay. However, the one you found is brand-new, which is a plus. Personally, I'd wait for the Violet because it's been 3 years since the last Balenciaga purple was released, whereas red is released every year!
  3. What do you think you would be able to wear more often & coordinate w/your wardrobe?

    You could always resell the RT to get the Violet if you decide you don't love it. You might lose a little $$ on the sale, though, depending upon how much it is costing you.
  4. I have to agree w/Kristy... while rouge theatre is gorgeous, Balenciaga does do a red every year and this color has been popping up on eBay (although I don't remember seeing the work style). The Violet is going to be very unique - I would hold out for violet.
  5. That is the HARDEST decision b/c I love both colors so much!!! If you can afford it then get both colors but I agree with Kristy too that Bal has not made a dark purple color since eggplant so I would probably choose violet.
  6. I also think that both colors are really gorgeous. In case of me, i'll go for rough theatre and start saving money for violet, as it hasn't been released yet:p. In the mean time, if i find out that it doesn't go well with my wardrobe, i will then sell it (i don't think it's hard to sell rough theatre:graucho: )
  7. get the rouge theatre! if you don't end up liking it, it will sell in about 2 seconds on eBay - or you can sell it to me! seriously - i'll buy it right now!

    violet won't be out for a couple of months and if by that time you haven't fallen inlove with the RT, you can sell it for the violet.

    if you end up not liking the violet, at least you will have your RT to love :p
  8. I would buy the rouge theatre work, and decide if I just absolutely love it or not, and if not, I would sell it on Ebay - you would make at least what you paid for the bag, or more. You would have to calculate in your Ebay fees and Paypal fees (if you accept Paypal). I really think that with a rouge theatre work, you would get all of your money back. I haven't seen a rouge theatre work on Ebay in four months - if I would have, I would have bought it!!!! If anyone knows where there is a NWT rouge theatre work in the U.S., please let me in on the secret. :cutesy:
  9. Which color do you think you'd use more? If you think that the RT Work would get a lot more use I'd say go ahead and buy it. If you decide that you still want the Violet, then you'll have some time to save up for one and purchase then. :yes:
  10. rouge theatre! I am dieing for one! good luck
  11. buy first, decide later.

    but personally, I wouldn't get the RT cos I can't work the Work. so it's gonna be violet, violet, violet, violet and violet!
  12. Holly Cow! Buy the RT work! It is brand new, and I am assuming still being sold at retail. I think it's a bargain for such a beautiful color. I also bet that if you sold it on eBay, it would go very quickly with a BIN price.
  13. RT is more versatile :p
  14. This would be a hard choice for me but i would say Violet! Both colors are colors I want, too! Make sure and let us know if you pick Violet so I can get the RT Work!:graucho:
  15. See, you already have a line of PF members who want to buy the RT work!:p