Work purse that fits 15" Macbook Pro

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  1. Hi! I was hoping someone could suggest a tote (or other solution) for a work bag that can fit a 15" Macbook Pro. Preferrably something high-end and classic. The only requirement is that it be light and come in black leather ;)
  2. Ps. I looked at the Tory Burch York Buckle Tote, which seems to be the only one that would fit my 15", but I saw a lot of bad reviews on quality. I also really liked the new YSL large shopping tote but I'm not sure if it would fit a 15". Does anyone else have a huge laptop to struggle with?
  3. I was once looking for the same thing. The TB tote wasn't an option for me because it was too bulky and heavy. I too wanted something light and classic. After searching for awhile, I decided on a Cuyana bag. It's not super high end designer, but it's high quality, light, beautiful and made locally. I love it!
  4. Thank you for the tips. I really like the Cuyana. The design is very simple which I like. The Ted Bakers are cute, but unfortunately my work is a bit uptight so I don't think I can get away with those. I used to use a beloved plastic one (liberty london style but bought it in a random vintage shop), unfortunately I can't get away with it anymore.
    Thank you so much for responding though. This is my first thread so very happy I got a response :smile:
  5. Any tips for something with zipper? Although it's not a deal breaker considering I have lowered my standards a lot given the few choices, I do travel quite a bit and bags that close are much more friendly for stowing under the seat. I considered getting a nice briefcase (fell in love with a YSL one) but I was hoping to find the perfect tote so I would get more use out of it.