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  1. helloooo ladies!

    i'm back from a long hiatus away from the forum... i got bitten by the balbug after my grenat city, and had to stay away from all the lovely pics of bags i couldn't afford..... UNTIL, my lovely bf promised me a bag before christmas (only took 2 years of nagging...LOL)!

    i was thinking of getting a black work, because for work and school i have to schlep a lot of stuff. however... does the work really fit on the shoulder, with, say, a winter coat on (i'm in NYC so i can NOT put fashion before warmth)? i know i couldn't stand carrying a bag by the handles all the time when it's stuffed... or, do you all think i should get a part time since it has the shoulder strap?
  2. hmm... the thing is that the Part time is shorter in HEIGHT... so you'll have trouble fitting files/folders in... so I wouldnt recommend it if you are using it for school... the shoulder strap is bonus though... but taking into account the folders/files issue... you'd be better off with the work... its much roomier and bigger and will fit folders in... also it wont look overly stuffed when you have alot in there... and when its broken in it slouches... which looks GREAT at the same time... and the handles after a bit of use... will stretch a bit and go over your shoulder easily... I havent tried mine on with a thick coat yet... but I *think* you may have a bit of trouble... unless you have really really slim slender arms... also my works are GH so the handles tend to be a BIT longer than the RH ones... are you planning on getting RH or GH work? taking into account the amount of stuff you will put in the bag though... the GH will probably get too heavy... HTHs...
  3. I have a Blueberry work and I have a black part-time with GH silver. The work will not fit over a big winter coat. However, my part-time gets really heavy with lost of stuff in my bag and it has the shoulder strap, which is very useful. But, I would think that a Day bag would be perfect for winter in NY.
  4. I, for one cannot fit the Work's handles over a winter coat. I live in San Francisco, so my winter coats aren't exactly thick. Then again, my arms aren't exactly thin, either! I do carry a Work to work almost everyday, though. I've got my laptop and other work things in there and even when it's stuffed full, I can handle carrying it in the crook of my arm. It helps that moto bags are very lightweight. I think that if you absolutely want something that you can carry on your shoulder, the Day is a good bag, I can fit my laptop into there no problem. The Brief is also a good style - I can just squeeze my shoulder through comfortably with a coat on. Good luck on your decision and what a nice BF you've got!
  5. I think the Work strap issue depends on your size. I am size 2 and the Work fits nicely over a coat for me.

    I have three Works and I just love the size :tup:
  6. thanks for all your advice ladies!

    i'm about a size 2 as well... i'm hoping that loading the work with books will help stretch the handles a little bit. either way, i'm going to be using the heck out of it.

    hmwe, or anyone else: do you find that a work is too large for errands, etc? i love the size of the city and take it with me everywhere, but i'm thinking the work may end up being used JUST when i have tons to carry...
  7. I think the Work should work out well for you :tup:

    It doesn't bother me to carry the Work without stuffing it full. I think it's easier to carry on the shoulder than the city too. :yes:

  8. I can fit the work on my shoulder only without a coat!!! I'm 5'9", and I'm between a size 10 and 12, (depending on how many blondies I ate) and it's great on the shoulder until winter, then I carry it in the crook of my arm.
  9. Hmmm.... this thread is making me re-evaluate getting a work. :smile:
  10. Lol stars i dont think any of us need much convincing to re-evaluate getting another bag :smile:
  11. I can get the GH Work over my shoulder (and I have huge shoulders from yoga). Had to get used to short straps and the bag being so close to my underarms, but I really really love the look of all that black bbag leather draping me - looks very classic and very now with the GH! Best look for this bag - long boot cut jeans + high heels + tank top or crisp white blouse and 'gray' pants! I do find this bag very hard to use as a laptop bag. Even though everything fits, I have to rearrange the bag everytime I take something in and out. One of these days I will make it WORK! LOL
  12. if anyone has any tips on how to arrange this bag as a laptop bag - would appreciate it!