Work owners, tell me about it!

  1. Hi girls,

    I'm getting ready to be a proud owner of a work, I really want to hear from the owners why you love your work so much.
    Pros? Cons? I love big bags but i'm quite small, 5'4 and around 45 kg. Would the bag over come me?... Checked some pictures in the picture section, but would really appreciate if some of the work owners share their opinions.

  2. I adore my work bag...i've used it for extended periods of time for "work" heehee but i love it best when i use it for an over night bag or carry on a plane trip. It's just...awesome. Great size and I always feel exquisite carrying it on my hand :smile: I have a black 2005 BTW
  3. thanks for your reply!!.. is it a good everyday bag as well?
  4. I use mine everyday and love it! It's very wide that it fits everything I need. Although now I'm thinking of going to the Weekender side.

    It's very roomy and I don't think it will overwhelm you, a bunch of girls your size carry the Work and it looks amazing on them.

  5. I love my Work. :heart:
    I bought it after having my baby, coz my city was to small to carry the baby's stuff (toy's,napkin,baby's bottle,wipe...) and all the thing i've to shop. First, i was thinking of the Weekender but i found it very cumbersome when you carry a baby in your arms. The Work was the perfect size.
    I choose it Rouge vif (matching with the stroller:p).
    I love that color : it warms all the outfit, gives a peachy style !!!

    I hope you'll enjoy your bag !
  6. LOL! Me, too! Love my works (I'm 5'2", fairly petite), and now thinking of 'graduating' to the weekender!
  7. i LOVE your FB work Incoral, that's the work I will be getting soon!!!

    Thanks for everyone's replies, now i am even more excited on getting it!!
  8. i had a work, but sold it to my sis because i prefer weekender LOL

    and i'm the same height with you 5'4" and 42 kg
  9. Good question Kitty.. Just wondering.. between the Work and City, which has longer handles? cos I like to carry the bags at the shoulder..
  10. I know! When I got my first Work bag (in Sapin) I was like Oh my this bag is HUGE! But 5 WORKS later I'm just like,

    "How could I have possibly fit everything in this small bag, I sooo need a Weekender!" :roflmfao:
  11. GREAT CHOICE! :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

    I'm certain that you'll enjoy yours a lot.


  12. ahhh incoral, don't understand how many times i have been looking at your fb work now... almost.. EVERYDAY!! haha!!

    I just absolutly love this color, how it jumps out at ya!

    Another question, does the work fit comfortably under your arms??
  13. Well, I'm a boy so it doesn't quite fit.

    However I had my sister try and it was quite uncomfortable for her as well since it doesn't have that curvy shap (where the zipper is) like the city or part in the photo below

  14. Even though i have sold my work but i can give my comments. It's a great bag and due to the size, i can stuff my notebook in and other necessities like my wallet, ipod, magazines, keys, etc......but i still get compliments from my frnds abt the fact, i prefer big bags nowadays due to my daily use. Also, i'm not that tall (only 1.58m), but i don't look funny when i carry my work still looks gorgeous.....:dothewave: