Work outfits

  1. I'm curretnly working part time to help pay for grad-school (working while attending). I don't like having to buy an entire wardrobe of blouses and slacks. But this is what I have:
    3 black plain sleeveless work dresses, each is SLIGHTLY different
    grey trousers
    black trousers
    dressy crops

    and I mix tops with the trousers. I tried the pencil skirt thing and it just doesn't work with my oddly shaped body.

    So I was thinking of not having to buy more clothing, but instead buy scarves and pochettes to dress up what I'm wearing. I only work 2 times a week anyway so I doubt it's a big deal...Any excuse for more H :heart:

  2. I think your idea of adding more scarves to your wardrobe is brilliant!

    You have many black items so I immediately thought of the black and white omnibus 70cm scarf (has a little tease of red too). I love mine and think it would be a dazzling addition to your outfits (and it's cheaper than the 90cms, which is always a plus!). :tup:
  3. Have 3-4 suits/complete outfits you can mix and match and add scarves, belts, statement jewellery to work them in different ways. That's all you need!
  4. i would also reccomend a couple of H cuffs or leather bracelets (they don't need to be expensive, you can look out for vintage ones on eBay for about $300 ish). they add colour and a bit of oomph and you can also wear them with jeans when not at work. ditto a pochette tied onto your bag adds colour and a bit of flair and jazzes up plain outfits.
  5. Excellent idea!!
  6. How about a reversible belt, rouge on one side, rich brown on the other?
  7. You sound like a very chic and sensible young woman! I vote for a couple of scarves and a belt, and one big "statement" bracelet to acquire slowly as you go along! Good luck in grad school, too.
  8. Liz ~ A couple of scarves and scarf rings are a fabulous idea. Worn differently you will look chic and no one will know that you have a few great staple clothes. Remember the Hermes and Brooks Brothers web sites for how-to ideas.
  9. Totally agree. You have more than enough stuff to create different looks with scarves. That's what i do. A while ago i had a massive wardrobe clean-out & gave away 80% of my clothes. My work clothes tend to all be neutrals or plain colours & i create outfits with different scarves. Even how you tie the scarf will make the outfit look different. :yes:
  10. Fabulous idea!
  11. I started working life with the same idea and I'm still there 17 years later!
    I agree absolutely that you can have a lot more fun with the accessories than with whole outfits when you have other pressing things to pay for. I tend to wear black and grey quite a lot but mix my scarves according to the kind of business I'm doing that day - if I have to make an impact at a meeting with people from an external organisation I wear my red 'Brandebourgs' scarf, for an internal meeting my deep blue 'Tapis Volant' - if I just have an ordinary summer day my lilac 'Serenite'. I always think that the choice of colour and design of scarf tells a story about how I want the day to be and helps me achieve that in the face of adversity ( going a bit far?).

    They are fun to buy, lovely to wear and really stay the distance - almost as much of an investment as education itself.
  12. Thank you for all the wonderful suggestions!

    Time to shop :yes:
  13. you are on a great start lizlikeshugs! your basics are perfect canvas for Hermes accessories and your look will be fantastic!
  14. :tup: