WORK OUT - Season 3 - BRAVO TV

  1. Coming this spring.....
  2. OMG I love this show!!! So glad its coming back.
  3. Wooo...Last season was so sad! :crybaby:
  4. ^^Yeah, it was. I cried.
    I think Jackie is awesome.
  5. The first thing I noticed on the trailer about Jackie was "oh - her hair is longer!" :p
  6. Good! I like that show. They're definitely one big crazy but awesome work family, I love it!
  7. cant wait!!
  8. Thank goodness for tPF or I'd have missed this new season. I can't keep up!
  9. She looks great!

  10. She does photograph well! I am looking forward to the coming season. I hope there's some serious drama! LOL! I love all the predicaments she and her trainers get into.
  11. Season Premiere April 15!
  12. ^^ OT but your signature is sooooooo adorable!
  13. Merge?
  14. Did anyone watch last night? I thought Jackie looked extremely stressed out and the new guy is HOT!
  15. I did I did I did!!! :wlae: Oh my gosh - I'm so glad it's back!!!!! Jackie does look a little tired, doesn't she?
    Rebecca looks fab and Jackie's new girlfriend is a cutie!
    The guys are the guys - I'm kind of tired of that Brian Peeler guy - he kinda annoys me....but this looks to be a good season.
    I like watching everyone work out. It gets me motivated. Not that I do anything about it, but I mentally "work out" with everyone else. Man, I'm breakin' a sweat here on the computer! :boxing: