"Work Out" on Bravo

  1. Does anyone watch it? It's good TV and I got a lot of tips for my workout.

    I also love Jackie. She is so cool.
  2. I'm watching. The show hasn't fully grown on me, but I agree I think Jackie holds her own and the work out tips are nice.
    Her and Mimi are pretty dysfunctional, though.
  3. I wanna see that show...need to remind myself to watch it.
  4. When Mimi asked "Do you want me to stay or do you want me to leave?" Jackie should have said "I want you to stay"--something nice, and not said "I want you to do what you want to do".
  5. I absolutely love the show!!! And I don't know exactly why because I don't really care for any of the trainer's personalities. Especially Peeler and Rebecca. They seem too self-interested for my taste.

    But I do appreicate Jackie's direct personality. I wish I could say what I mean all the time like she does. Plus, I think she's got a great hairstyle.

    I'm really curious to see how the women that were spotlighted progress with their workouts. I think their names were Tess and Dina (the hairdresser)

    Good thread....I enjoy the program a lot.
  6. i dont get bravo. *cries* a gay man without bravo is like a fish out of water. lol.
  7. Oh, that's too bad. Maybe a friend could tape it for you. They've only shown three episodes so far (out of six). Plus the re-runs are on a lot.

    I think next Tuesday they show a party that gets out of hand at Jackie's house while Jesse is supposedly house-sitting. She apparently goes out of town to train somebody.
  8. Totally agree. It's like they are two grown people who haven't learned to intelligently argue and work out their differences. :shrugs:
    Although, it's cute that they paint together. :shame:
  9. I love this show..I love to see the workout regime they give to their clients..
    Jackie is cool chick, Mimi is kinda immature and a nightmare kinda GF sometime.
    Frozen you should get Bravo...you will love this show..lots of cute gay guys with hot bods LOL
  10. does anyone have any idea what sunglasses Jackie has?
  11. Does anyone remember when Jackie showed up on Jonathan's show to get her hair cut?? Talk about plugging a show!
  12. I'm surprised I didn't catch that. I'm a Blow Out junkie, never missed an episode.

    Mimi? She's not good enough for Jackie! I'm still a bit weird about gay relationships and seeing same sex people kissing each other, but overlooking my issue on that point, I don't get what Jackie sees in Mimi. Jackie seems so intelligent, confident, self-assured and has her act together. Just the fact that Mimi comes to the dinner part KNOWING that Jackie's mother is there and she shows up chomping on a wad of gum that would choke the average cow??? What's up with that??? When they were eating dinner, I couldn't help but wonder if Mimi had stuck the wad of gum under Jackie's table since it reappeared after the dinner!! :yucky:

    Mimi is cheap and tacky. Jackie, you can do better Girlfriend!!
  13. I saw it today! The episode where her mom is visiting. Yes Mimi seems a bit immature. I don't know how Jackie can stand to be around her mom, I guess the point is, she can barely stand it. She must have alot of patience!! Her mom drives me nuts! But you know...I love 'my' gays! as Kathy Griffin would say. Anyhoo, life is too short to worry about all that nonsense.
  15. Well, the fact that I can relate to where Jackie's mother is coming from (my daughter is gay/bi/hetero-basically can't make up her mind!) has something to do with it. Not the "You're going to HELL because God says it's wrong" point of view. Just the perspective that being gay doesn't make any sense to me on a physiological basis. Overlooking modern medicine, you can't keep a species viable with gay sex. I'm not a "homophobe". I just don't "get it?":shrugs:

    But this is going off topic. Back to my original comment: Jackie, you can do better!!!