Work or weeknder on mtv show

  1. If you have seen Bams unholy union, his girlfriend misty carries one or maybe two b/c sometimes it looks black not burgunduy. Annywhoo... I watch just to get a glimpse. She is so sweet, but someone feed her. Sacrey skinny!
  2. Don't you LOVE when you see a BBag on TV???? I do!!!
  3. I saw her carrying what I think was a Grenat Work. I think she had it on her chair seat behind her at the wedding shower....that shows she must appreciate her B-bags. :smile:
  4. I thought I saw her with a burgendy (sp?) one too.. when Bam goes to pick her up at her friends house & carries her out she's holding it!

    She is a sweetie. I was impressed with her on the show :smile:
  5. That's the same scene I was thinking of ... it could've been Burgundy...hard to tell the diff. between Grenat & Burgundy.