Work or Weekender?

  1. I need help choosing my first b bag, I love large bags so size isn't the question, which one would be more comfortable to carry on the shoulder and is the weekender too big?
  2. hi.. i have two weekenders and two works. one of my weekenders fits over my shoulder, and one does not. one work does, and one does not. the think i have noticed about wether or not they fit over my shoulder is the over all softness of the leather on the bag itself. for example, on my work that fits, the leather is so so soft the zipper sort of rolls inwards when left open giving the arm hole an extra inch or so.. on the stiffer less broken in bag, its not so slouchy, so the arm hole is more defined. also.. my softer bags look smaller... so one of my weekenders just has a smaller look to it, cause it just is more slouchy. i love them all!! and.. no... a weekender is not too big for everyday for me.. i like high impact bags!

    good luck
  3. It being too big or not I think depends on your frame check the wearing your b-bags thread.
    I have a work and I can carry it over my shoulder but I think I would not manage to do comfortabily over a thick wintercoat. That's one of the reasons it doesn't work well for me (I need my hands free)
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  5. I have a Weekender and I know it looks big on my 5'0 frame. :Push: But ya love what ya love... and I love mah baby!

    That said, I've tried on/sashayed Work bags whenever I'm in NM-SF... I love the size. Personally, I think it looks more polished than carrying a Weekender as an everyday bag. If Balenciaga ever makes them with silver hardware, I'll be in big, big trouble.

    My dream Work is the black/white brocade fabric. :heart:
  6. I've not tried either one but I am on the list for a work. I think the work will be a good size. I'm getting the feeling that the weekender may be a little unwieldy to carry? My first choice was the weekender but my SA said it may be a little too big.

    Anyone know if the work handles are easy to put over the shoulder, particularly if it's brand new? Or does it require a little breaking in still?
  7. Ladies opinions are welcome, don't be shy!
  8. I have the Weekender in Ink and I adore her:heart:
    She is a BIG bag but when not full she slouches up quite nicely so as not to seem so big.
    But, I have never tried a Work so I can't compare:hrmm:
  9. I think I prefer the work for an everyday bag but would love to have a weekender for traveling and such.
  10. I have a work for an everyday bag, and I love it!!!
  11. why not start out with the work? seems like a popular everyday big bag!
    would love to get one soon, too! I feel that you would use it more than the weekender, if u're looking for an everyday bag, that is...
  12. i actually have the same problem.... i also have a thing for big bags!!

    i have the work and i think the size is perfect for everyday use while i also think the weekender would be a cooler looking bag (only if it slouches a lot cuz it's really big)

    since i've never tried carrying the weekender in real life, i'll go with the work for now :smile:
  13. HI
    I would go for the weekender, i love even little and thin girls with big bags,
    I have a black weekender and for me it`s to small to carry clothes and so for a whole weekend. So i take it for shopping, than u can buy and shop till u drop.

    Go for it girl FX:yahoo: :heart:
  14. OK...I have 4 Works, 1 Weekender and 1 Day. The Work and Day hold about the same amount of stuff...the difference being the Day is a vertical bag and the Work is horizontal.

    WORK - can be carried by hand/on crook of elbow/on shoulder (as long as I am not wearing a bulky sweater or coat)
    WEEKENDER - can be carried by hand/on shoulder (as long as I am not wearing a bulky sweater or coat). It such a long bag it looks silly trying to carry on the crook of my elbow.
    DAY - can be carried on shoulder (looks odd carrying in hand or on crook of elbow)

    Sooo...if you are looking for a shoulder bag that can hold about as much as a Work bag, the Day may be a good option.
  15. welp, i'm a shortie, but i've gotta thing for big bags :P...i've got a black work & a chocolate weekender & i love 'em both :love:...below are photos of me w/my miss chocolate brown!!!
    DSCF5250 REV3.jpg DSCF5229 REV3.jpg DSCF5255 REV2.jpg