Work or Weekender???

  1. Hello Ladies (and Gents?)!!
    I'm trying to decide on either the Work or the Weekender. I'm 5'6" and 135 lbs (never thought I'd state my weight on an online forum... what a girl does for her purses!!) The City seems too small for my frame so I've ruled that out. But now I can't seem to decide between the two... Weekender or Work??? Is the Weekender too big for everyday use? I am torn... Help!
  2. I have been thinking of getting the weekender too! I just can't decide if it is too big for everyday use!!! I really love it so much! I do have the work and love it so much!!!!!!!!
  3. idream and zac, it's a matter of personal preference-depending on what you carry on a daily basis, how much space throughout the day you need after a day of shopping:lol: , etc. i love both my work and weekender bags-both are functional and versatile for days out with the kiddies as well as when i go shopping (i leave enough room so i can fill it up with my purchases during the day).

    sorry for not helping, but maybe you guys can check the bags out at the store/boutique and try them on for size in-person;) :flowers: good luck and please post pics of the goodies:graucho:
  4. Thanks BOO! That blue weekender you just got it AMAZING!!! I have been thinking of getting the weekender for the past month or so! I don't have much to carry in my bags though but I still love it. So maybe the work is good enough for me. I don't know! Yes- I'll go check out the weekender at Barney's soon.

    Anyone who owns the weekender~ do you carry a ton of stuff or it doesn't bother you that your bag isn't full at all?
  5. Thanks Boo!
    Now what color to get is a whole other issue, hehe! I was thinking about either the grenat (bordeaux) or the black... The black would be functional for everyday but I want mine to be VOILA!Decisions, Decisions... :P
  6. I have the Rouge VIF weekender (I actually traded in the work for it). I do carry quite a bit because I'm in law school. It usually has in it a binder a thick book, 2 water bottles, a sweater, an umbrella, and 3-4 notebooks or folders. The handles fit perfectly over my shoulder (I even had a coat on this morning) and it is really strong! I love it though when I don't fill it up even better. Hope this helps in some ways. Here are pics of the work v. the weekender on me. I'm 5'10 and 135.
    weekender.jpg work.jpg
  7. You look great! Off topic but had to comment that when I was in law school (and just a few years ago doing my LL.M), I had a purple backpack. I dressed well but had nothing nearly as fancy as a bbag. Truth be told, I even taught law school last year and had nothing that nice. Anyway, again, you and your bag look great (just don't carry that on an interview).

    How do you get away with carrying only one book? I usually had two, plus the code, etc.....
  8. I agree with or weekender, it all depends on how much stuff you carry on a daily basis. I like to carry a lot of crap in my bags, so I NEED the extra space...I never know when I'm going to need the room for a magazine or two and a bottle of water.

    As for the weekender and how do I feel carrying it when it's not doesn't bother me at all. Over the summer, I was usuing it exclusively as my handbag. I put it away only because it's pewter and I don't know what the elements (rain and snow) will do to my bag.
  9. I love the weekender. But I think the Work is a better everyday bag and looks a bit more dressy.
  10. you are saying that carrying a B-bag will potentially be held against her by her professors and when interviewing for a job? How come?? I always thought that when you got to grad/professional schools, people were above that. Especially in a field like law. :sad:
  11. I have a locker so I tend to just trade out and I do alot of my studying at the library so there's not much to tote home. I wouldn't carry it on an interview simply because it would be more than I need and not quite conservative enough. Everyone here says how much they love the bag (no one khows what Balenciaga is) and 2 girls have even gone out to buy big red bags!
  12. ^^^That's so cute! You're bag is a big hit at law school!!!!!!
  13. i don't have a work or weekender, yet :P
    but one of them eould be my next b-bag... i've tried on work, and it look good on me, i just need to get ahold of a weekender to make my final decision.
    can u try them both to see how they look on you?
  14. I love large bags and its more the look rather the functionality for me as I can never fill up either bags LOL!

    I do have a question for those that have a work and weekender. Does the strap/handle have the same drop? I would like something that would fit on the shoulder with a coat on. Does stretching it really make it fit on the shoulders comfortably?
  15. Hello~ I'm new here this is my first reply :rolleyes:
    I would say Work..I'm 5'7" /140 I own work size..Same reason why I got this looks small..:P
    It is big enough to hold everything..Go for work~~