work or day, what should i get after a city?

  1. hi girls!! i'm in need of some expert advice here!
    i'm thinking of getting another bbag(soon, when i work out my finances). but which should i get?

    i have a city, which i've been using almost everyday but i find it to be a little too small for me as i tend to carry alot of useless junk with me everyday :sweatdrop: i usually carry my wallet(the longish type), ipod, phone, keys, sunglasses case, camera, a small cosmetic pouch, some tissues, a sweater and a water bottle, and some papers when i go to school/work and even a pair of heels when i go to work:wtf:! (i travel in slippers!:p) so i usually stuff my city and i'll end up carrying some stuff in my hands and my city would feel super heavy too!

    therefore i'm thinking of getting a larger bag! i've been almost convinced to get a day sometimes back but recently i'm inclining towards a work! i can't try both IRL before buying in where i'm i need your expert advice on which will suit me more? a work or a day?? i've seen some city-work comparison pictures but i have yet to see any city-day comparisons! is the day alot bigger than the city?? and btw the work and the day, which will hold more and which is easier to carry around? i've seen some comments about work not being suitable for carrying heavy things, is that true?

    i'm so sorry about being so longwinded! thank you so much in advance for your help and advice!

    i posted this in what's in your bbag thread, this will give you some idea of part of what kind of junks i carry everyday :smile: thanks girls!!!!
  2. wow! it sounds like you might need a work to me! :tup: but if you are looking for a different style, you should get the day! i'm not quite sure which holds more or if they hold the same amount of stuff. you can bring your "work" to work and then use you city on the weekends when you don't have to carry quite as much. good luck w/ your decision! :heart:
  3. I'm biased, only having the Day and not the Work. So my recommendation is for the Day. Practical everyday bag.
  4. Since you like the style of the city, but it's a bit small for you, I'd recommend the work.
  5. I prefer the day, but I don't think it holds any more than a city, so if you need something bigger then a work might be a better choice.
  6. I don't have a day. Yet! I have a work and I absolutely love it. You would have plenty of room to put your things and it really just looks like a bigger version of the city without a shoulder strap. I've also posted all the things I can put inside my work in the "what's in your bbag" thread. I even carry my laptop around in it!
  7. Sounds like the Work will work well for you. :tup:
  8. I have both...the day holds quite a bit more than the city and the work probably more than the day but for ease of carrying it would the day hands down...the work doesn't fit well over the shoulder as you mash down the zipper as it's right under your armpit and then you end up with it curling over and carrying a stuffed work on your arm for a long peiod of time makes mine tired...I like them both but would go for the day IMO...
  9. Thanks for the work description... I was wondering how it would fit over the arm, but never got around the chance to ask. ;)
  10. I think you would probably prefer the Work with as much stuff as you are saying you carry! I was okay with the Day until I saw that you also want to put your heels into the my mind, that swings the pendulum towards the Work... ;)
  11. My work fits over the shoulder fine, though it may be hard when winter comes to fit it over coats and jackets. I recommend trying the work first and then if you find it obnoxious to carry, then spring for a day.
  12. I really have a soft spot for the Work. Of course the Work & Day bags are very different styles. I think the Work looks good if it's stuffed full - or not...Whereas, the Day bag looks a little droopy on me when it's not stuffed full. I would go for the Work. Don't get me wrong though, the Day is a stunning bag!
  13. My vote goes to the Work. My fav' styles are the City and the Work, and I use my Works for work/shopping and the City for the weekend.

    the Work fits a lot more than the City, but it doesn't look that much bigger....besides, I can carry it over my shoulder even with a coat on, especially after I break the bag in. After the handles stretch, you really have no problem fitting it over your shoulder!

    I don't have the Day, but it sounds like you need a Work. I don't know for sure, but I think the Day is smaller than the Work. the Work looks good stuffed/not stuffed and I'm just in LOVE with the style!!! I lug around tons of stuff with me as well during the week, and I can just carry everything in my Work easily:heart:
  14. Great thread...I couldn't get them down either...not owning one, however coveting them all. This is an education.
  15. I'll go for the day over the work. Some people don't like the day, but I find it's a matter of getting used to it. It's much deeper, and it does carry more than a city. I don't like the work as the handles are short, and I don't like having something right under my armpit, but I've seen pics of other TPF gals with their work, and if you've got skinny arms, go for it!

    As for the day, you could have your heels and sweater at the bottom, then all your other stuff at the top, and the day also has a big front pocket and a big inside pocket, definitely a plus! The long handle strap also makes carrying it much easier even if you've stuffed your day till it looks like a turkey! :roflmfao: I'm not quite sure how carrying a stuffed Work will be like, any Work gals to chime in?

    So, the Day gets my vote!