Work or City? City or Work? Save me from this insanity!!!

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  1. So many GORGEOUS Bal bags out there... it is not easy to pick one. I have narrowed things down to either a City or a Work, but which one? (Definitely going for the Giant Hardware... thinking of a color like one of the greens or pinks, btw.)

    Some considerations...
    1. I don't do great with little purses, so I have to pick either a medium or large sized bag. I am 5'4" and weigh WAY too much -- little bags don't hold enough stuff and look silly on me. But, are the BIG bags that were all the rage up til recently over now?

    2. I don't have little kids, so I don't HAVE to have a hands-free bag, but it is a nice convenience. Funny... I have two Marc Jacobs Bruna's and two LV Speedy's that I don't carry very much because the hand-held bags aren't real comfortable, but I have an epi LV Alma that I love to carry hand-held. It just hangs more comfortably than the others. Also, there is no way the handles on a Work would go over my shoulder, especially with a coat on and I live in an area that gets WINTER!

    3. I don't take public transportation, and I won't be using this bag as a work tote. (I teach elementary school and have to carry a HUGE tote for all the papers I schlep back and forth every day.) I live in the burbs and drive to work. Between work and errands and running back and forth to the gym or yoga I am in and out of my car several times during the day. I like to toss my bag on the little shelfie thing between the driver's and passenger's seats so it's right next to me while I'm driving.

    4. I had a Bal Twiggy a few years ago and loved it for the lightness and veininess of its leather, but the color wasn't great for me and I sold it.

    I can't think of what else to share... I've looked through the photo and comment threads for both bags and find them all just beautiful! Just can't make up my mind. Help me please!!!
  2. I prefer the City for you
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    Must agree with pursedout (although I don't believe for one moment that she could be pursed-out) From the look of her avatar shoe I see great things to come.

    Ok back to you.
    The city is what will work best for you. There is a reason it is the most popular style. I have both Work and City bags and like them equally. But I can fit both on my scrawny shoulder. If I couldn't, I would only have a City and a Day, which I also have.

    Get the's what Modigliani would carry if he were a modern woman.

    western New York?
  4. Loving the City...of course, and I think we all need at least one City, because it is so versatile......but :thinking: ......wait for it.......wait for it...

    It is not the easiest bag to throw over your shoulder. I find that I need to fuss with the metal rings that hold the shoulder strap, as they don't always flip up seamlessly when I switch the long strap from hanging to shoulder function. (Hope this is making sense.) Also, that strap can have a tendency to slide off of non-bony shoulders...:shucks:

    I'm thinking that with lugging the school stuff, and lots of running around, you should consider a Day. Not as classic or as versatile, but I think for ease and comfort, nothing, nowhere, no how, can compare. :okay:
  5. Well, both the City and Work have their pros and cons.

    Here are some points for you to consider:

    1. GH Cities and GH Works have longer handles than their RH counterparts and hence do fit more comfortably on the shoulder. And handles do stretch over time.

    2. Due to the GH, GH bags are also heavier. Most ladies find GH Works too heavy for them, so you'd have to determine for yourself if the weight is manageable especially if you're going to be toting quite a load.

    3. The shoulder strap for City is definitely a plus if your bag is heavy since shoulder-carrying a Bal really digs into your shoulders when the load is heavy.

    4. I think the Work will 'ooze' off the 'shelf' in your car since it's so big, so probably better to give it its own seat in the car.

    5. If you don't carry much in your bag when running errands, and won't be filling your bag with stuff you get along the way, then the City is just right for you.

    When I use my City, it's already more than half full with the usual stuff I carry around (Money wallet, umbrella, magazine, Make Up clutch and Pencil, so there's not much space left.

    6. If you intend to use your Bal for gym gear too or to hold things you get along the way, I guess a Work will be more suitable. But if, as you mentioned, you can't carry it on your shoulder, hand-carrying will be a pain, because you're left with only one hand to carry your groceries etc.

    So I guess a City will be better after all? Or if you're looking for something slightly larger than a City but still has a shoulder strap, then Part Time would be best! I love my Part Times for days when I need to carry more but still prefer the shoulder strap.
  6. Based on what you have said, I definitely feel City would be the best bag for you. Good luck with your decision!
  7. I am thinking a Part Time would be the best for you-I am about your height and LOVE mine (my life is similar to yours-no kids, teacher, in and out of my car for the gym, blah blah-I find the PT fits all my stuff without looking too huge on me)...the PT is bigger than the City (which I think is too small) and with the strap will fit on your shoulder well (I would have said the Work for you but since it doesnt have the extra strap that nixes it)
  8. ;) Love the Modigliani comment! And yes, Western NY. Buffalo, like near Niagara Falls. You anywhere nearby?
  9. ^^^
    Not near you.... but I've been to the Albright Knox, poked around a few Frank Lloyd Wright houses and visited the Falls. You guys have everything.
    Big art, Big nature.

    You have a ton of posts and new to Balenciaga? What bags do you usually carry?

  10. I say what she says.....:P.....
    City or consider PT....good luck!
  11. I agree - City or Part Time. Do you live near a store that sells Bals? You should try them on in person to get a feel for which style fits you best. Have fun deciding - you can't go wrong with a Bal!
  12. go for the city. i haven't seen one person that couldn't pull off the city, it's a bag that looks good on everyone. the handles on rh cities are too short but since you plan to buy GH anyway, that won't be a problem for you. still, i wouldn't expect the long strap to be much of a use, if i were you. i ended up detaching them from my bags as they never sit comfortably on my shoulder.
    work, on the other hand is a bag i never liked. it's just me of course. good luck with your decision.
  13. i prefer the work
    my fave is work or part time

    i found city too small... it cant really holds lot of stuff..
    alhtough no doubt it's good to carry
  14. City or Part-Time gets my vote, to fulfill all your stated needs.

    I have a few Work bags, but they do not get as much carrying time as my City or Part-Time bags.
  15. From one teacher to another there is always something extra to carry, why don't you consider the PT. :thinking: