Work Leg Coverings

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  1. I'll admit it, I'm not much of a pants girl in general. I prefer dresses and will most probably be wearing them to work most often. However, I do have a bit of dilemma.

    I'm teaching school in Europe for the year next year. I'm from the USA and here jeans have kind of slipped into an acceptable form of dress as long as they're "dressed up" with a blouse and heels. We were told that the school I am teaching may or may not allow me to wear jeans, but bank on not.

    I just got some awesome boots I'd like to tuck in skinny jeans, but I can now only wear those on the weekends! What kind of pants do you guys recommend wearing with dressy tops? Of course I can do slacks, but I'm thinking when its cold in the winter, I'm going to want to wear my boots too!
  2. Skinny Cords should work. Also some brands make nice black velvet pants (AG, paige, etc) -they're not the shiny kind of velvet...more like cords without the waling.

    Also what about getting some thicker tights (i.e. sweater-weight, wool, wool and cotton double-layer) to wear with dresses and the boots?