Work is more fun with UPS Deliveries from Coach!!!!

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  1. Hey , friend ! Luv luv luv your haul here, and especially glad that you love the borough. It's just over the top gorgeous with that chain strap, isn't it?! Sometimes I take mine out of the dust bag just to pet her. She's my fall/winter HG and I'm happy you are excited about her, too. And the tote! Ahhhhhhhhh. Now you got another tote stuck in my head. I'm already stalking for the NS chenille ocelot, thanks to you! And I really live your Sadie. (We are cousins on that one. I got the larger one in blush python.). Sooo happy for you. Enjoy!!!! What will you use first?

  2. Thank you!! Not sure which one I will use first. I have a work trip to California next week and I am trying to decide what to take. I don't think I am brave enough to take the borough even though you made it through two conferences. Don't want to have to squish her under an airplane seat. Maybe a work bag and the small Sadie flap? Although I am using the large staff Sadie flap today and seems very durable and comfortable to carry.