Work is more fun with UPS Deliveries from Coach!!!!

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  1. Thank you everyone. I am still trying to figure out how to reply to multiple quotes in one post. I have been eyeing the tote and borough since early January and I am excited to use them!! Thank goodness no sign of spring anytime soon. Ugh. I love all of the spring colors, but it is so darn cold here, I may not be in need of spring colors for awhile. Stupid polar vortex!
  2. HaHaHa, yes, you will definitely need something to help you recover from the pain. A Borough just might do the trick!:lol:
  3. Gorgeous, bags! Too bad about the leather jacket, but the Sadie is a nice replacement along with the Tote and the Borough. Congrats!:biggrin:
  4. Wow wow wow everything is gorgeous, sorry that jacket didn't work out for you but it is so beautiful!!
  5. Everything is gorgeous! I love the borough! I'm sorry the jacket didn't work out for you. You took one for the team - now the rest of us don't have to order it to find out it won't work!

  6. I want this bag soooo bad.... I love all your new purchases!!!!
  7. Gorgeous & unique bags! Congrats!
  8. All of your goodies are beautiful but that Borough is flippin gorgeous!!!

  9. I hate it when that happens, that you find something gorgeous and it doesn't go with your body type, oh well, at least you came back with gorgeous Sadie! Congrats!
  10. Beautiful! Great day at work indeed! ;)
  11. oooooooooooooooooooooo that Borough bag is HOT HOT HOT!! wowza great buys!
  12. I love that Borough. Wonderful bags. Congrats!
  13. All 3 bags are gorgeous, I love them! Congrats!!
  14. Love it all, congrats

  15. Wow!!! Great looking jacket!!!!