Work is more fun with UPS Deliveries from Coach!!!!

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  1. Awesome tote and the jacket is gorgeous! Are you exchanging it for the right size?
  2. Gorgeous haul! Too bad about the jacket!
  3. So I left work early today today to return the jacket. I just wasn't a cut that was going to be flattering, even in the small size.

    But didn't come home empty-handed!! ImageUploadedByPurseForum1391040399.681783.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1391040441.040462.jpg

    The cross body Sadie!!! Way smaller than anything I have owned since seventh grade and there is a reason behind this purchase that I will post seperately.
  4. The jacket really is gorgeous, but I am not going to exchange it. The cut is not going to work for me. It is MUCH different than how it looks on the model on the web site. It was the perfect length, which surprised me, but it is more fitted than it appears and probably will never really work for my figure.

    That's okay. I am glad I gave it a try. I may go for the more practical trench. :P
  5. Beautiful bags!!
  6. I am still drooling over the first picture! OMG, that jacket is amazing! What made it a bad cut for you, if you don't mind my asking?
  7. My chest and the fact that there is too much of it.:lol:

    I am petite so I need the shortened arms and shorter length, but I will need at least a medium for my chest and the length proportions would be out of whack.

    Even with my PCE, that jacket is too much money to try to "make" it fit, if that makes sense.
  8. What a great haul! All three bags are GORGEOUS! Congrats!!

  9. It absolutely makes sense! And as much as I love it, I'm thinking it's probably too much for me to feel comfortable spending on a leather jacket in Florida. :biggrin: I always come back around to, I'd rather put the money in a bag.... LOL!! That jacket was killer tho! :smile:
  10. Sorry that the jacket didn't work for you, but congrats on the gorgeous Borough, Sadie, and Snakeskin N/S tote!!
  11. Stunning bags, great choices!
  12. Amazing borough! So classy!
  13. Wow, beautiful bags!
  14. Thank you for posting all of your lovelies. What a fun workday! :biggrin:

    The Borough is gorgeous! I've always been curious what color the leather is, is it a brown or Oxblood?

    Your two other bags are very pretty too! The small one is adorable.

    The jacket looks beautiful with great leather.
    I didn't even see XXS on the website, I'm not sure where that came from?
    I have several moto style jackets in different brands and they do tend to be cut to favor a smaller chest size. My Balenciaga jacket fits great in the arms and shoulders and I can zip the waist but no way past that. It is actually made to be worn open!
    My Coach extra small in the other style moto jacket can be zipped but does flatten out "the girls" a bit! LOL! I'm sorry it didn't work for you. It's too bad they didn't send you the right size too.
  15. It was even stranger when I went to return it. They could find that I bought something for the price of the jacket, but it kept coming up as item not available. WEll, clearly the item was in front of them. LOL. They were great, but they had to call JAX to figure it out, which is why it took about 40 minutes. I doubt I would have come home with the Sadie if I hadn't been in there so long. In any case, it just confirms my belief that the woman who took my order was definitely not on her game that day. I had no idea it came in XXS. It didn't say so on the web site so it is very odd.

    I am disappointed, but I am sure **rolling eyes** that I can find a way to ease the pain!! LOL. Maybe vachetta Borough??