Work in Autumn or Saddle (Cognac)

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  1. #1 Jul 25, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 25, 2009
    This is my first time here.
    Ok so I want to get a rh Work (already have black rh City and Galet rh City and Anthracite rh Day) but i can not decide between Autumn and Saddle (Cognac) color???
    Or some other color???
    I am not a big fan of flashy colors!
  2. I used to own both, and I think Automne is a much prettier colour than Saddle. It has that wonderful marbly effect and beautiful distressing. Saddle looks a little too flat and even - I think GGH dresses up Saddle, but if you're looking for an RH Work, I think Automne is a much better choice.
  3. I have to agree. I like Automne better as well and think it would be just lovely in a RH Work :tup:
  4. The Automn is such a beautiful golden color, it would be terrific in a RH Work!
  5. I had an Automne and I have to agree with Mich. Automne is also slightly more honey than Saddle. I suppose it depends on your leather preference if you want one that's smoother (Saddle) or more distressed (Automne).
  6. Thank I will try on Autumn...
    I like GH but it is too heavy then.
    I am also going to look at the Officier one.
  7. Automne if you find one available!!!!!
  8. I prefer automne! :biggrin:
  9. Saddle cos the leather on the bags I have seen are awesome! ^^
  10. I have a saddle city with great leather, smooth to the touch but very nicely textured. It depends on what you like as the colors are very similar. A friend of mine put the two side by side in Barneys and could hardly see any difference with maybe saddle being a touch more red, but not by much.
  11. Yup, roey's right - the colours are very similar. Here's a pic of my Saddle GGH Pompon and my Automne RH Day, side by side.

  12. MichK, I love your saddle pompon! Great comparison pic!

    I prefer saddle because I love the deep rich cognac color and smooth leather. Though, my saddle messenger is more distressed on the backside, I'm not crazy for the yellow hues in automne. That's just from the few leathers I've seen IRL.
  13. Yes, i am not crazy about the yellow on Autum...But it is different from one piece to the other...
    And now I wonder if I should wait for the new color Chataigne??
    I am going to the store tomorrow, they have both rh works in Autum and Saddle but don't know about Chataigne.
    I may just get plain black. :wacko: :smash:
  14. Bill at BalNY picked out my saddle city. I am the second owner. The first owner was particular about leather. There were some good and bad lots of this color. It's great that you can compare in person! No, don't get black. Both saddle and automne look amazing with black clothing!