Work For Travel?

  1. Would it be okay for a guy to use a Balenciaga Work for traveling? Is it big enough?
  2. mmmm...I would say no. The Work bag is more of a large handbag and looks better when it isn't stuffed too full. Weekender would hold alot more.
  3. will it be a WORKing trip? i do think it should be ok as an overnight bag. v minimal packing of toiletries and change of underwear/clothes. can still have room for a notebook, perhaps?
  4. OK! I'll probably go ahead and get one. Except, I have NO money! I need a really good deal on one!!!
  5. diabro has a white Work going for under 1k, before shipping. leather may be 1st of 2nd season of 07, which is not fantastic. but you never know. good luck!
  6. I KNOW! Anybody willing to help me get one? =]
  7. I don't think the Work is big enough for overnight. I'd be a Weekender or the Giant RTT
  8. The Work is fab for travelling with...The Weekender is ok too, but the size on my figure isn't right for me...