Work - finding a new job..& 21st Birthday?

  1. So..I've been a Recruiter/HR as I attend college to become a teacher. I've been here for almost 2 years and I'm really tired of working here, not to mention it has changed so much.

    My boss treats me like crap, aside from purchasing me lunch, she is very inconsiderate and we're in a 3 woman office and it's unbearable; not to mention she has NO benefits.

    Recently I have been looking for a new job and I went on one interview which I was tremendously excited for and I called today to follow up and she said she still hasn't made a decision but the job is still posted on *sigh* so I'm a bit pessimistic about this now.

    So I got another call today for a HR/Recruiting job at another Agency, which I'm scheduled for an interview on Thursday afternoon, but I don't know what to tell my boss. I'd figure it'd be weird saying I have another appointment with a DR. last week I said it was a dentist. Any suggestions?

    Plus, what are some tips to hanging in there, when at a crappy job? I'm just tired, sick of doing everything here and not being accredited or helped :crybaby::sad::cursing::shrugs:

    On the other note, part 2 of my post.

    My 21st B-day is coming up and I am really open for ideas. Under a $1000 budget that I would be spending myself, but ideas like Vegas? I'm in NJ, so Atlantic City perhaps? Oh, also, I'm not a big drinker --at all. But wouldn't mind a relaxing glass of wine or icee type drink lol :wlae:

    Thanks in advance!!!
  2. Call in sick :smile:
  3. Tell her you are taking a half day personal leave. Don't lie and say you are going to the doctor as she might just surprise you by asking for a note from the doctor.
  4. Birthday? id skip vegas unless ur huge on partying and gambling. Id buy myself a bag, have dinner with friends and go out for drinks afterwards.
  5. well first and foremost happy bday!! :dothewave: Vegas is always my destination of choice...I LOVE THAT PLACE!! :heart: :heart: and I sincerely feel that everyone needs to go there at least once - what better occassion than your 21st?? :graucho:

    about your job search, I was in the exact same position a few weeks ago. But I just let my boss know I had an "appointment" is none of their business to push for further info. good luck with your job hunt! :flowers:
  6. im sorry that your current boss is such a pain! i work a part time job in addition to college and needless to say my bosses are sweet and all but drives me crazy! like having two moms on me all the time. you should just say that you have to go somewhere for something for your interview. i make up family vacations and stuff ...i hope you get the job you want! as for the $1000, i am actually in that situation too! 21 also! i was thinking an expensive watch, bag, or maybe mini vacation to the caribbean. good luck!

  7. *cough, cough* :roflmfao:

    everyones advise was great! THANKS ALL! I do also like the idea of going out to eat with the people you love most & splurging on something nice for yourself :smile:

    i'll save vegas for some other time? since it is a tad expensive $almost 500, plus that'd be my bf too! costly, yes.

    Good luck in finding something for your 21st diamond lover, you have to share your story then!!