work environment...

  1. :rant: :rant: I just have to vent about how people can be so incompetent at work.. I gave one of my coworkers a spreadsheet that she had to work on and I had given her the majority of information. one of the data was missing and i figured that she would get the data. its straight from our database and its just a click away from the computer. it doesnt take a rock scientist to find that information. Yet she could not or shall i say WOULD not do it. she passed that information along another coworker who is just as incompetent if not more.. therefore, it didnt get resolved. and in the end they were pointing fingers at whos fault it was that it didnt get done properly. Honestly i couldve done it but i really wanted to see if could step to the plate. it doesnt hurt to help other coworkers or go out of your way to do things that normally you wouldnt.. that really shows you what kind of work ethics they have and how far they can go with their career....
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  3. in any area of work there will always be lazy people who lack intiative
  4. or maybe they really are just that dense (that's the nicest word i could come up with)

    in another POV maybe they were never trained properly or wasn't aware of that information being available to begin with?

    just giving them the benefit of the doubt.

    however i know what you mean. of course, different situation but same thing. coworkers that are suppose to put the stock away at work can't put things in order!! numerical order mind you.

    that just makes me pissed for the first few minutes. then i laugh and feel sorry for them once i leave and if there's no one else there to pick up their slack!
  5. Totally understand how you feel.

    But at the end of the day, know that you're the bigger, better person, and that this is all your colleagues will ever be.

    Don't let it get you down. It's just not worth the wrinkles :p