Work Drama and Health ...

  1. Sorry but I really have to get this off my chest (again) because I'm extremely stressed out. 2007 has not been a good year for me so far and it's not even February yet. I'm really wishing this year to be over soon. My work situation is just getting worse and worse. I used to be able to use work to escape the other stressful aspect of my life, and now I really have no other means of stress relief.

    Let me take a brief moment to explain my department's structure. I'm a financial analyst in the Capital Market/Structured Finance dept. The Repurchase Dept (dept that buys back crappy loans) is right next to mine. Both my dept and the Repurchase Dept falls under the jurisdiction of my boss. I'm the ONLY person who can do the stuff at my dept and I have been pretty busy because I had to pull all the weight. The Repurchase Dept is short-staffed and they were way behind on things because of poor management. So, now I am helping them get caught up on things. That in itself shouldn't be a problem except the people at the Repurchase Dept were always whining and b!tching about how they have too much work.

    Here's the thing, these were the SAME people who spent their time taking personal phone calls and excessive breaks. However, because they sat far away from my boss, my boss didn't know what was going on. And since they were constantly whining and made it look as though they were swamped, my boss decided that I was to take half of these people's duties. The thing is, I AM busy too. I was swamped too. Just because I was actually efficient and do my job doesn't mean I have nothing else to do. Unfortunately, if I speak up, they're just going to interpret it as my not being able to handle my responsibility (yes, serious double standards going on here, just because I don't whine like some ppl do).

    So now, instead of learning more about Capital Markets and learning useful things, I was stuck doing things for the Repurchase Dept (brainless menial chores that involved sorting papers, logging stuff, and carrying boxes) on top of my normal duty. Oh, I forgot to mention that my boss had also decided that since he was too busy, he was going to DOUBLE my workload in the coming months. While he told me of this, he also told me that it was for certain that i would NOT be getting a raise or promotion this year because the company wasn't doing well. He also said that the company would not be reimbursing me at all should I choose to take courses to further advance myself because the industry was not doing well (this is total BS because one of my coworkers is having his MBA classes completely reimbursed by the company).

    And just when I thought things couldn't get any worse, another bomb dropped - I ran into my boss from my FORMER work place this morning. Apparently, she has joined the company! Why was that a bad thing? Because she was the reason I left my former employer. You see, my former boss was caught in work politics with another manager. I happened to be stuck in the middle and because I refused to choose a side, my former employer got angry at me and forced me to resign under the excuse that I applied to transfer to another dept without letting her know first. Of course, since she had more seniority than I do, HR believe what she said and I had to resign to avoid being fired. And now, this person was working at my company and what was worse is she was friends with my boss' boss' boss (yup, several levels up). Considering what she has done in the past work place, I wouldn't put it past her to do something underhanded again.

    In addition to work drama, I'm getting nowhere with my job hunt. I've spoken with several headhunters who told me that because I was underpaid by 10K (yup, my company underpaid me by 10K, is going to double my workload, and yet they refuse to give me a raise), it's making potential employers THINK there was something wrong with me. I took on my current job because at the time there was room for me to growth. But due to bad market and re-structuring, I was unable to do the dept rotation program (that was the original intent when they hired me) and was stuck at the same place for the past couple years. So now it's damn if I do, damn if I don't ...

    Now, a common thing that people tell me when things get tough is that at least "I still have my health". Well apparently, I don't have that either. Due to all the physical strains at work (carrying boxes and stuff), I had injured my left shoulder. Now it hurt like Hell whenever I don't sit in a certain way or stand in a certain way. I couldn't even use my left arm to carry my puppy (a toy size dog) anymore because of this. Furthermore, I had discovered a lump along my jaw right below my right ear. My doctor said that it was most likely an infection and that if the lump doesn't go away after I finish the entire bottle of meds, they're going to have to cut me open.

    So yup, 2007 has been an absolutely wonderful year *sarcastic*. I'm already unhappy with work, and now I have to worry about my former boss doing something crappy to me. I'm still getting nowhere with my job hunt (and I know I don't suck), my Mom is still being the way she was, and my health was going down the drain. I REALLY do not like my life very much right now ...
  2. Hang in there. Don't feel resigned!!! For every door that closes, open a window. You must speak out or else you will be walked-on your entire life. You are a grown woman with a lot of dignity. Just remember that there is a thin line between dignity and pride. My feeling is that you do not want to speak out because you want people to believe that you can take whatever they give. In actuality, they are just using you and abusing your kind nature.

    Remember that people will always judge you no matter what you do. There is no point in appeasing others when no one is doing a damn thing to make your life better. You only have one life to live. You must enjoy life. You must be happy in life.

    You are a smart, beautiful woman and you must demonstrate your strength to others in order to be respected.
  3. ^GREAT advice :smile:

    Good luck, OP...sorry that 2007 hasn't treated you better
  4. My advice is to dramatically intensify your job search, even to the point of taking an "interim" job during the process.

    You do not want to contribute to such an unethical action as your current boss has proposed. It will not help either your career or your conscience, in the long run.

    And on the sad-but-true and painfully practical side, announcement of such a plan is in effect an invitation for you to compose your resignation letter. Yesterday.
  5. I really feel for you - it all sounds so horrid!

    I don't really have much practical advice to offer you as I know nothing about your area of work but please try and stay sane.

    You are an intelligent and articulate young lady and I am sure you will soon find the job you deserve!

    R ;)
  6. I remember your original post. Sorry to hear that stress is taking over your life. Is there any way you can resign from this position? Do you have enough money put aside to job hunt if you're unemployed? If you do, I would try that. No job is worth your health or sanity, believe me (I've been there too). As for the salary thing, I wouldn't get too hung up on the $10K underpaid situation. The fact that a headhunter says you can't find another job because of your current salary is handing you a line of BS. If you must, then lie about your current salary.

    Also, is there a doctor/counselor you can talk to during this stressful time? I think you would benefit by talking to a professional so they can help you stay on track and map out a game plan so that you can move ahead and get away from these life stressors.

    Good luck, we're rooting for you!
  7. This sounds like a nightmare! I'm so sorry you're dealing with this. It sounds like the company my son works for--he works harder than anyone else but isn't compensated fairly, and can't land another job. It's tough.

    No advice, just support. I care. ((hugs))
  8. You have got to take care of your health. If your job stresses you out to the point that your body can't take it, then it is time to take another job and move on. Seriously, you have nothing without your health...
  9. Very good advice. Hang in there.
  10. Does the repurchase dept have any standards to meet? And if so, any way to track their progress? I'm in the mortgage business and we most certain have production standards and tracking reports. If someone's *****ing that they're overworked, we just show them how their stats are well below the norm and that usually shuts them up ;)
  11. hugs and good luck
  12. Ugh, good luck. I hope you find something better!
  13. Hey kou,

    Soz to hear you're having such a bummer of a month! Just wanna send you LOADS of good karma and positivity ya way.

    Feel better! :flowers:
  14. sorry to hear your mishaps but 2007 isnt over yet. its just the beginning-i say keep your head up and stay positive. things will get better.
  15. Hi everyone,

    Thank you very much for the advice and good wishes. I just want to drop in a quick update on the situation right now. I spoke with my boss about work in general. We discussed what was going on at the company and such and we also discussed the layoffs that was happening. He said that all of us (himself included) were expendable but if anyone asked him for advice on what to do with the dept, he said that he was going to make sure whatever advice he gave would have no negative impact on him. He once again confirmed with me that there would be NO raises or promotion for me this year and that they also would not be doing any tuition reimbursement. He said that if I decide to go on vacation, he couldn't promise that nothing would happen when I get back. However, he said that at the moment, I was the only person who could do my job. He then added that he would like to help me if I really want to find a better job and asked that if that's what I wanted to do, I should let him know so he would allow me to use my work time to do interviews (huh?).

    First of all, I would never tell my superior if I'm looking for a job. That will just be a stupid thing to do. Secondly, I have tried the whining technique and it didn't work. Well okay, I didn't whine but I did tell them how much work I have. But somehow, they just felt that because I always get things done, I must not be busy. I'm efficient because I don't surf the net at work (no longer do), I don't take personal calls, and I don't take excessive breaks. I am efficient because I actually do what I was supposed to do. Of course, it's kind of tricky because I can't rat on my coworkers. Also, I suggested performance report but they were so disorganized that they couldn't even setup a proper report. It's like I have suggestions and proposals on how to better the process but they just wouldn't listen.

    Right now, I'm especially bitter over the fact that I'm being underpaid by at least 10K already and they still want ot double my work without giving me any compensation. I tried to look for other jobs but either I'm not making the right connections or the industry is really bad. The kind of things I do is supposed to be helping me make lots of money ... Granted, I took on this job initially because it was supposed to be challenging and they promised me that I would be in this rotational program where i would learn EVERYTHING. But of course, as luck would have it, restructuring happened and I was permanently stuck at my dept and I got bored after learning everything. And now with the pay and all the stuff going on, I just want to leave. However, it would be unwise for me to take on a temp job since it's hard to get a temp job in this field, it wouldn't look good on my resume, and I will lose my health benefits.

    If there's anyone here who knows someone or has connections to the consulting or finance industry, please please tell me. I need all the help I can get. I'm open to relocating - even internationally.