Work, City or Part-Time??

  1. hello, i am new to balenciaga bags, but after going to the stores in singapore and bangkok recently and in LOVE, and am going to try and purchase one online ...

    Just wondering if somebody could elaborate on the differences between these styles, particularly in relation to their size?

    so far i have gathered that the work is the largest of the three but not sure on the difference between the city and part-time???

    Also is there a 'giant-city'?

    I am looking for a medium size bag, with a longish strap as well as handles ...

    Thanks for your help

  2. I'm still a newbur but the parttime is longer than the city and just slightly shorter heightwise.
  3. I have lots of questions too. I'm doing some "research" :p in this sub forum for a while before my first Bal purchase... I'm so excited!
  4. thanks for clarifying that tofuchan ... i thought this from the pics, but its hard to tell. Still confused about what style is the best ... any input from regulars would be appreciated!

    And yes, miss_ritz, purchasing a new style bag always requires so much research! :smile:
  5. Hi - I'm also pretty new to this...trying to decide btwn a City and a First. Anyway, I made this chart of four sizes with their measurements (the bags are not to exact scale) so you can get a better idea. I hope this helps you - it also helps to go to a store and try them on, but I know thats not always possible - :smile:
  6. OH MY GOD melovepurse, you are fab! thanks, exactly what i needed.
    what do you think of the hardware options - i.e. big gold hardware v standard?
  7. I think the hardware depends on the bag & also the color - I love the GIant Silver Hardware on some bags, but I've heard that it makes some bags (like the City) heavier. I have a Twiggy & a Day with regular hardware and I like that they're more subtle!

    I'm so glad you like the chart - it helps to have them all side x side with the actual measurements when you are thinking...:yes:
  8. yes, it is exactly what i was wanting to do myself, but i didnt have the knowledge or resources!

    I agree re hardware. but its good to know that you can get the GIANT in silver too, (i thought it only came in gold) ... not so fond of gold hardware on bags, its a bit too 'bling' for me ... i have a miu miu coffer, and dont wear it much mainly because of the gold-hardware.

    thanks again!
  9. This is a good library of reference, lots are covered here.

    Medium is relative IMO. I like the City coz I can fit everything I nomally lug in it. Even my laptop fits coz it's a bit more than 12". But I don't carry my laptop or even documents daily. I think if you carry them a lot then City is small & Work would be a great choice. A Part Time is also good coz of the big base so you can attempt to even carry more with you but I don't like the length of the bag. It tends to distort my frame coz the bag is a little short height wise relative to its length.

    Giant City - Size of normal city BUT with giant hardware & the handles are a little longer than those with regular hardware.

    Happy shopping!
  10. thanks pinkboudoir, now i know what is meant by the GIANT city! it refers to the hardware ... that is good to know.

    Now, i just have to decide on colour, and then find one! :smile:

  11. Thank you for posting this! I have the same questions in mind as with the OP. :tup:
  12. those are awesome comparisions..that would have helped me earlier when i was trying to decide city vs. work..hahaha =)
  13. Welcome to Bbag land hayley! It really depends how much stuff you lug aroud everyday, if you really don't carry much (like magazines, portfolios) then the City would be just right for you:flowers: whatever choice you make in the end, Im sure it would be just as exciting for you to receive your first Bbag!Good Luck!