Work behavior

  1. Not sure if there's already a thread on this...... Not even sure how to word this but what kind of behavior do you find strange/unprofessional in a workplace? For instance, we are allowed to play our radios at our desk (not too loud of course) and theres this one woman who as she's working sings. I'm a few desks away and I can hear her. It doesn't bother me in the least, I actually find it amusing. Especially since her supervisor is more on the strict side. Another ex. is I just started going to this new salon. The hairdresser I had was about 20 yrs old. The whole time in between she was text mess. her boyfriend. After a while it got annoying. As she was blowdrying me she kept getting msgs. The owner didn't say a word either. I wanted to tell her to shut her phone off! Any other stories?
  2. My biggest pet peeve about professionalism in a work place, is when a receptionist at any type of business is speaking to a person, and they answer the phone and communicate w/that customer instead of continuing on with the real live person in front of them.
    It's so rude....but most receptionists haven't been taught proper etiquette, imo.
  3. At the last contract I had, I worked in a cube next to a man who talked to himself, burped and farted all day long. Seriously. It's no wonder that the cube where I sat had been vacant for so long!
  4. Yes!!
    Or...worse, when you walk up to someone who's supposed to help or assist you, yet they're on the phone with a friend and decide their phone call is more important than doing their job. So you stand there and not only wait, but get to listen to their stupid convo for a few minutes until they wrap it up cause they realize you're not gonna walk away.

    Lori! Ok, I admit it, I fart too, but I give fair warning to anyone walking up. "Do not come any me!" I drink a lot of milk..ok!
  5. I would have totally snapped at the hairdresser. Because that is just unprofessional and RUDE.

    My current job is amazing but my previous job I was working in a shoe store as a key holder. It was during high school and THE MANAGER would always leave the sales floor, go in the back, and just sit and talk to her friends, husband, look in the magazine! While the store would be COMPLETELY busy!

    Also when you walk into an office and the receptionist is on the computer, yet he/she would not look up to directly help you, they would just talk to you slow and distracted while their eyes never leaving the monitor!
  6. OMG Lori how did you survive that? Hope you weren't stuck at your desk all day, yikes.
  7. Another receptionist gripe (yes I was one back in the day myself...) where I used to work the main office # would constantly roll to an answering machine...during business hours! What a joke...there is NO EXCUSE for that at ALL. It wasn't even one of those advanced systems where you can spell a name or press 0 to get back to the receptionist. There was no overflow to have someone else grab a call if the receptionist was on another line or away from the front desk. And there was no sense of urgency to fix this problem. Arrrgh!!
  8. About 6 months ago, I went to a hair salon which was recommended by a coworker. So I get there, and it's just the owner working it. Luckily, I was the only one there at the time so I thought I'd get my hair done and get out in a snap (I only needed a touch up on my root colour and freshen the rest. What's that... an hour?). So I sit there and she begins to colour my hair when all of a sudden her 6yr old girl comes out yelling that her little brother slapped her. So off the stylist goes and tries to calm her down and discipline the other. This happens REPEATEDLY while she's trying to dye my hair and I end up getting out of the salon after 3hrs. Three hours for a one colour dyejob!!

    She should at least get someone to help care for the kids while she's working. I found it completely unprofessional and uncomfortable for customers. What if I had had my time counted?
  9. You know what I find unprofessional? Lack of personal hygiene at the work place; especially greasy hair on women.
  10. I took a deposition with an attorney who burped all throughout the depo. I'm not talking little burps that you swallow because you can't help it but I mean like loud belches that you could hear in the next room. At one point I'm pretty sure he farted too. It was so gross! THAT is unprofessional!

    I also agree that I hate it when someone who is supposed to be helping you in any capacity is either on a personal call or texting or whatever. That really pisses me off.

    A lot of things depend on the situation but these are two things are just wrong.
  11. There are all kinds of crazy things that happen at Google. Unprofessional?...probably. Funny? yes.
    I was shadowing a customer service rep who was taking a phone call from one of our advertisers, and the goofballs in the next cube flew a remote control helicopter into ours. I was surprised that the guy on the phone could even concentrate.
    People can also bring their dogs to work, and one pooped in a conference room. Also, today this little pomeranian wearing a doggie dress was running loose barking at everyone.
  12. Oh wow. I want to work in Google when I finish my degree and qualifications (only 3 years to go... hopefully!!!) and that sounds well, cooler than any other company. Most workplaces are "boring", in the sence that you aren't allowed to put your head up to talk to people or go to the lavatory more than a certain amount of times. I would love to bring my dog to work or play with a control toy... that being said, I doubt I would ever work LOL
  13. I have a coworker who walks around with bare feet. I find that to be so gross.
  14. My brother and his coworkers play jokes on each other all the time. They work in IT. I know one of those things they did was buy some remote control helicopters and fly them around one of the offices.

    Another thing they did was go to Wal-mart and buy a whole bunch of tacky car accessories like shiny rims, air fresheners, steering wheel and seat covers, and some pink fake fur. They "pimped out" some dude's company van.

    I took my dog into the office at the firm I used to work at. It was after 5pm so I didn't think many people were there, and I put her down to meet a coworker. She ran off and as she was running my coworker tells me there are people still there in a conference room. Well, sure enough, they were just finishing up and there goes my little dog, streaking through the conference room as they were packing up. She looped around the table at top speed and then zoomed down the hall and made a dash through another conference room where another man was. The people in the first room were like "what was that?" She had a part of her side shaved from where she'd had surgery so she looked really mangy. She ended up giving one of the attorneys some sloppy kisses when I finally picked her up.
  15. Thankfully, I was only at that contract for less than 3 months.

    Now, I have crossed back over to the full time employment side, and I am fortunate enough to have my own office. Thank goodness!