Work Bbags

  1. What year did the work come out? TIA:smile:
  2. I'm pretty sure they debuted s/s '05! ;)
  3. Thanks Mims!
  4. They weren't out before then? I vaguely remember being offered that choice in 2004. Let me check - I had photos emailed to me of the different colors and I thought there were three sizes. Now I have to find them. :wondering
  5. Thanks shoe! I want to know what colors it came in! I'm thinking next Bbag I get I want to be the work.
  6. they might have been! I could definitely be wrong, I just don't remember ever seeing any 2004 works (although, admittedly - I have never looked for one either). I know the weekender was available in '04 though!
  7. Question- is the price of the work $1385.00- even last season colors?
  8. welp, it depends on where you buy it from...i think they're totally sold out of the s/s '06 works @ the nyc store (i got my lilac work there about 2 weeks ago, but it was the new price :sad:)...but AR is still selling the spring colors for the old price :yes:
  9. ^^^Thanks!
  10. Does any know when the TWIGGY debuted?

    tia :smile:
  11. It looks like Barneys repriced them to the new price at Chestnut Hill.
  12. Thanks Jayge!:crybaby:
  13. Awww zac... don't worry... when it's meant to be, you'll get your work bbag again :flowers:

    btw any news on the other "thing" ;)?
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